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23.08.2021 (18:05) Chief of General Staff of Russian Armed Forces visits Festival of National Cuisine in Alabino The festival this year is held under the slogan "Golden Taste of Asia".
23.08.2021 (17:05) Russia is ready to localize the production of weapons and military equipment in the United Arab Emirates This statement was made by the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Alexander Fomin during negotiations with his counterpart from the UAE Al Jaber Mubarak Said.
23.08.2021 (15:40) Over 320 hardware will be used at demonstration program of the ARMY Forum in Moscow region This was announced by the First Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Ruslan Tsalikov after the plenary session.
23.08.2021 (15:30) Masters of Armored Vehicles opening ceremony in Voronezh region Drivers of cars and trucks UAZ-3163, KamAZ-4350, KamAZ-65225 will compete in 4 stages of the competition: individual race, MTO-UB1 workshop race, captains race, team relay.
23.08.2021 (15:15) Team of Republic of Mali debutes at Tank Biathlon track in Alabino near Moscow At the end of the race, to the applause of spectators from the stands, the team was greeted by their rivals and accepted into the friendly team of participants of the International Army Games.
23.08.2021 (15:00) Almost half of Russian military personnel went through the first stage of preparation for the Games 2021 competition This was announced by Deputy Defence Minister of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Yunus-Bek Evkurov.
23.08.2021 (14:30) Russia is ready to strengthen military and military-technical cooperation with Bangladesh This was announced at a meeting with the head of the military department of the Secretariat of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bangladesh by the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Alexander Fomin.
23.08.2021 (14:15) Russian Deputy Defence Minister Colonel-General Alexander Fomin holds talks with his Indian counterpart Colonel General Alexander Fomin said that in the field of military cooperation, the countries have long since switched to intellectual interaction, to the exchange of high technologies.
23.08.2021 (12:15) Russian Deputy Minister of Defence holds a meeting with the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Myanmar The meeting was held in a frank friendly atmosphere and reaffirmed the mutual willingness to consistently build up multifaceted cooperation through the military departments of the two countries.
23.08.2021 (07:30) At the site of the IMTF ARMY 2021 in Chita, military personnel of the Eastern MD will demonstrate Uran-6 robotic demining complex In the Victory Park of Chita city, servicemen of the combined-arms army of the Eastern Military District will show modern samples of engineering robotic equipment.
23.08.2021 (06:00) Military Medical Relay Race international competition kicks off at the Forish training ground in the Republic of Uzbekistan Eight teams from Russia, Belarus, Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Palestine, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are participating in the competition.
23.08.2021 (05:00) For the first time, a 50-meter Russian flag was unfurled in Nagorno-Karabakh For the first time, Russian servicemen as part of the peacekeeping contingent in Nagorno-Karabakh took part in the solemn celebration of the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation.
22.08.2021 (21:20) Gunsmith Master opening ceremony in Iran Gunsmith Master Competition is being held for the first time in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
22.08.2021 (18:45) Opening of True Friend competition at westernmost point of International Army Games 2021 As a sign of respect for the Russian delegation, the Algerian guards sang the song "Katyusha".
22.08.2021 (18:30) 1st race of Tank Biathlon international competition in Alabino near Moscow The first crews of the 1st subgroup of the national teams of Russia, China and Uzbekistan began the race.
22.08.2021 (18:00) Opening ceremony of Aviadarts international contest at Diaghilevo airfield After the opening of the competition, a drawing of targets for the crews participating in the international competition took place.
22.08.2021 (15:00) Army Scout Masters international contest kicks off in Novosibirsk The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the leadership of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the armed forces of foreign states, representatives of the regional administration, team members.
22.08.2021 (14:30) Engineering contests of the Games 2021 kick off in Tyumen The competition will involve excavation machines MDK-3, tracklayer BAT-2, engineering clearing vehicles IMR-3, amphibious tracked vehicle PTS.
22.08.2021 (13:45) Tank Biathlon kicks off in Alabino Today, in the first race of the first subgroup, the teams of Russia, Uzbekistan and China will start; the national teams of Laos, Kyrgyzstan, Mali and Myanmar will start the first race of the second subgroup.
22.08.2021 (13:30) Two international competitions Military Rally and Equestrian Marathon start in Kyzyl as part of International Army Games 2021 For spectators of the competition, an exhibition of modern weapons and military equipment was organized at a special site.
22.08.2021 (10:45) Three Competitions of International Army Games kick off in China This year, three competitions are being held in the People's Republic of China: Clear Sky, Suvorov Attack and Safe Environment.
22.08.2021 (07:30) Seaborne Assault 2021 international contest opening ceremony in Vladivostok The national teams of Russia, the People's Republic of China, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Republic of Abkhazia and the Republic of South Ossetia took part in the ceremonial formation.
22.08.2021 (05:00) Sea Cup opening ceremony at base of Pacific Fleet ships One of the main objectives of the competition is to strengthen international military and military-technical cooperation, exchange experience and improve the level of professional training of the participants.
20.08.2021 (18:20) Main Directorate of International Military Cooperation of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation holds briefing on preparation of Zapad 2021 joint strategic exercise Deputy head of the directorate, Major General Yevgeny Ilyin, revealed the details of the upcoming exercise.
20.08.2021 (17:30) Military drivers of seven countries have completed preparation of equipment for Military Rally competition After the training, the servicemen carried out technical maintenance of heavy-duty vehicles and Tiger armored vehicles.
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