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18.05.2021 (17:20) Two Tu-160 long-range strategic missile carriers of the Russian Aerospace Forces performed a planned flight over the neutral waters of the Barents Sea The flught was carried out in strict accordance with the International Airspace Management System.
18.05.2021 (17:15) All-army stage of Safe Environment competition to be held in Yaroslavl Region The opening ceremony and the first stage of the Safe Environment will take place on Sunday, May 23, at the Pesochny training ground of the Military Academy.
18.05.2021 (17:00) Emergency Area qualifying stage finishes in Moscow Region The competition was attended by teams representing formations and military units of the 12th Main Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Defence.
18.05.2021 (14:45) Scouts - participants of the Games-2021 on the first day of the competition captured an staff officer of a mock enemy with secret documents The development of this element of recce took place within the framework of the all – army competition Army Scout Masters, stage - Landing and making a march.
18.05.2021 (12:15) The ships of the Caspian Flotilla arrived in the area adjacent to the Kazakh port of Aktau to participate in a joint naval exercise From May 18 to May 24, the naval forces will perform combat training tasks in the sea ranges of the Caspian Sea, located on the territories of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.
18.05.2021 (08:45) Pilots of the Leningrad air force and air defence formation will take part in the all-army stage of the Aviadarts-2021 competition At the final stage, the crews will perform combat training tasks to destroy ground targets using unguided aircraft missiles and automatic aircraft guns.
18.05.2021 (03:45) The all-Army stage of the Sniper Frontier competition has started in the Eastern Military District The competition will be contested by military personnel for the title of the best in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, with four participants in each team.
18.05.2021 (03:00) Russian peacekeepers organized the transfer of humanitarian aid to refugees and large families of remote settlements of Nagorno-Karabakh In total, the Russian peacekeepers handed over more than 150 tons of humanitarian supplies to the residents of Nagorno-Karabakh
18.05.2021 (02:45) In August 2021, the military-technical forum Army-2021 will be held on the territory of the Amur combined arms formation of the EMD This year, the main motto of the Army-2021 forum will be Artificial Intelligence-the main technology of the 21st century.
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