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22.08.2021 (18:00) Opening ceremony of Aviadarts international contest at Diaghilevo airfield After the opening of the competition, a drawing of targets for the crews participating in the international competition took place.
22.08.2021 (15:00) Army Scout Masters international contest kicks off in Novosibirsk The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the leadership of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the armed forces of foreign states, representatives of the regional administration, team members.
22.08.2021 (14:30) Engineering contests of the Games 2021 kick off in Tyumen The competition will involve excavation machines MDK-3, tracklayer BAT-2, engineering clearing vehicles IMR-3, amphibious tracked vehicle PTS.
22.08.2021 (13:45) Tank Biathlon kicks off in Alabino Today, in the first race of the first subgroup, the teams of Russia, Uzbekistan and China will start; the national teams of Laos, Kyrgyzstan, Mali and Myanmar will start the first race of the second subgroup.
22.08.2021 (13:30) Two international competitions Military Rally and Equestrian Marathon start in Kyzyl as part of International Army Games 2021 For spectators of the competition, an exhibition of modern weapons and military equipment was organized at a special site.
22.08.2021 (10:45) Three Competitions of International Army Games kick off in China This year, three competitions are being held in the People's Republic of China: Clear Sky, Suvorov Attack and Safe Environment.
22.08.2021 (07:30) Seaborne Assault 2021 international contest opening ceremony in Vladivostok The national teams of Russia, the People's Republic of China, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Republic of Abkhazia and the Republic of South Ossetia took part in the ceremonial formation.
22.08.2021 (05:00) Sea Cup opening ceremony at base of Pacific Fleet ships One of the main objectives of the competition is to strengthen international military and military-technical cooperation, exchange experience and improve the level of professional training of the participants.
20.08.2021 (18:20) Main Directorate of International Military Cooperation of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation holds briefing on preparation of Zapad 2021 joint strategic exercise Deputy head of the directorate, Major General Yevgeny Ilyin, revealed the details of the upcoming exercise.
20.08.2021 (17:30) Military drivers of seven countries have completed preparation of equipment for Military Rally competition After the training, the servicemen carried out technical maintenance of heavy-duty vehicles and Tiger armored vehicles.
20.08.2021 (17:00) Riders from four countries have completed preparations for Equestrian Marathon international competition in Republic of Tuva The servicemen prepared horses, weapons, equipment, and also familiarized themselves with the route that the riders will overcome during the first stage of the competition.
20.08.2021 (14:45) Participants of Confident Reception competition conduct training session on deployment of command and staff vehicles Signalers temporarily raised the antenna masts, secured them, connected equipment, laid a cable for organizing telephone communications and connected portable radio stations.
20.08.2021 (14:10) Participants of Aviadarts competition perform first training flights The crews practiced takeoffs and landings, studied the routes and airways in the area of such stages of the competition as piloting technique, aerial reconnaissance, navigation.
20.08.2021 (13:30) Russian team at Road Patrol international competition in Qatar tests the track Team members perform movement along the established route, overcoming obstacles and movement in limited passages for a while.
20.08.2021 (10:30) Motorized riflemen of Southern MВ at the ARMY 2021 Forum in the Rostov Region will demonstrate their actions in modern combat T-72B3 tanks, BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles and BTR-82A armored personnel carriers will be simultaneously deployed on the tactical field.
20.08.2021 (08:17) Laros 2021 joint Russian-Lao military exercise ends in Primorsky Territory At the end of the event, the leaders of the exercise unveiled a commemorative plaque with a mention of Laros 2021 Russian-Lao exercise.
20.08.2021 (06:00) At IMTF ARMY 2021 site in Chita, military personnel of the Eastern MD will present Leer 3 electronic warfare system In total, more than 100 weapons samples will be presented at the thematic sites of the military-technical forum, including aviation equipment and samples recently received by the military units of the EMD.
20.08.2021 (02:06) Briefing for teams participating in the international competitions of the Games 2021 was held at Brestsky training ground During the briefing, the organizers of the competitions explained to the representatives of the teams the conditions, features and specifics of holding international competitions among snipers of special forces groups.
19.08.2021 (19:00) Military Medical Relay Race participants pass obstacle course in Uzbekistan They overcame obstacles such as a moat, a labyrinth, a fence with an inclined board, a ruined staircase, a ruined bridge, a wall with breaks, a trench, and a well.
19.08.2021 (18:10) Participants of Airborne Platoon train to hit targets and study tracks for combat vehicles In total, about 400 military personnel from 18 countries are expected to participate in the international stage of the competition as part of national army teams.
19.08.2021 (17:00) Russian artillerymen participating in Gunsmith Master competition in Iran complete complex relay The relay includes all stages of the competition, except for driving, it is: disassembly and assembly of the D-30 howitzer, the ZU-23 anti-aircraft gun, the Grad multiple launch rocket system, the PKM machine gun, the AK-74M assault rifle and the CZ-75 pistol.
19.08.2021 (16:00) Chief of General Staff of Russian Armed Forces holds briefing for foreign military attaches on organization and holding of IMTF ARMY 2021and International Army Games 2021 The Forum and competitions of the Games will start on August 23 at the Congress and Exhibition Centre of the Patriot Military-Patriotic Park in the Moscow Region.
19.08.2021 (15:30) In Primorye, within the framework of the Laros 2021 exercise, Russian and Laotian units with the help of aviation neutralized a mock illegal armed group After the drawing of practical actions, a joint passage of troops on military equipment took place.
19.08.2021 (13:45) Russian intelligence chemists test Chinese equipment and weapons in action During the training, Russian crews trained in overcoming obstacles of varying difficulty and high-speed driving of reconnaissance chemical vehicle.
19.08.2021 (13:15) Training in "captains' race" of Masters Of Armored Vehicles competition ends in Voronezh region In total, more than 100 servicemen from Belarus, Egypt, China, Uzbekistan and Russia arrived to participate in international competition.
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