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11.11.2021 (15:00) Naval, air and maritime reconnaissance and NATO strategic aviation activities have increased in the Black Sea region The Russian Defence Ministry sees this military activity as a study of the anticipated theatre of military operations in case Ukraine prepares a power solution to the conflict in the southeast.
11.11.2021 (13:30) The artillery formation of the Central Military District in Siberia will receive new Arterra-VT-3D simulators These training complexes will significantly increase the effectiveness of training specialists of artillery subunits in shooting, fire control and coordination of various troop subunits.
11.11.2021 (11:45) More than 70 times fighters were raised into the air to escort foreign aircraft in Kamchatka in 2021 The crews of the MiG-31BM identify aerial targets by visual contact or with the help of avionics and escort them during the entire flight near the state border.
11.11.2021 (10:45) More than 150 units of military equipment received by Central Military District troops in October Among the combat vehicles received are the Kasta and Nebo-U radar stations, Mustang trucks, truck tractors and tankers, the S-300PM2 air defence system, and the upgraded MiG-31BM fighter-interceptor.
11.11.2021 (09:00) Engineering and assault groups of the peacekeeping forces were involved in the CSTO exercise For the first time Engineer Special Forces coped with the assigned tasks and proved itself well at the Unbreakable Brotherhood 2021 exercise.
11.11.2021 (00:00) Russian Knights crews arrive in Dubai to participate in International Air Show Before the demonstration, which will be held at the Al Maktoum airfield in the United Arab Emirates, Russian pilots will conduct two qualifying flights and aerial training.
10.11.2021 (20:30) A squad of the International Mine Clearance Centre of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation sent to Laos for humanitarian demining of the country's territory It is planned to deploy a branch of the International Mine Action Centre of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of this country.
10.11.2021 (19:00) Russian peacekeepers in Nagorno-Karabakh contributed to the safe return of more than 52 thousand refugees In addition, during the year, the peacekeepers conducted more than 200 humanitarian actions aimed at helping large families and displaced persons, during which more than 6 thousand different sets with a total weight of more than 280 tons were issued.
10.11.2021 (17:15) Russian sappers have cleared about 2.6 thousand hectares of the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh During the year of the peacekeeping operation in the region, specialists of the engineering units of the Russian peacekeeping contingent discovered and neutralized more than 26 thousand explosive objects.
10.11.2021 (16:50) The first Russian Orthodox church was inaugurated in Nagorno-Karabakh The ceremony was attended by Deputy Commander of the Southern Military District troops Rustam Muradov and Commander of the Russian peacekeeping contingent in Nagorno-Karabakh Gennady Anashkin.
10.11.2021 (16:00) Statement by a Russian Ministry of Defence spokesman The Russian Armed Forces continue constant surveillance and monitoring of the situation in the Black Sea region.
10.11.2021 (15:30) Today, two long-range Tu-22m3 bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces performed patrols in the airspace of Belarus The planes have already returned to the airfield based on the territory of the Russian Federation.
10.11.2021 (15:00) Today, two long-range Tu-22m3 bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces performed patrols in the airspace of Belarus The planes have already returned to the airfield based on the territory of the Russian Federation.
10.11.2021 (14:30) CIS Defence Ministers have approved a plan of joint activities for 2022 During the meeting, the defence departments of the Commonwealth countries confirmed a common understanding of the nature of challenges and threats to military security.
10.11.2021 (14:15) A meeting of the Council of Defence Ministers of the CIS member states has begun in Moscow The format of the Council of Defenсe Ministers makes it possible to expand the range of partnership and make effective decisions in the interests of ensuring the military security of the CIS.
10.11.2021 (10:00) Russian Armed Forces continue to constantly observe and track the situation in the Black Sea region. The reconnaissance and strike control aircraft of the USAF E-8C was detected in the water area of the Black Sea on November 9 in the period from 14.15 to 19.28
10.11.2021 (00:00) The planned flights took place in the aviation regiments of the long-range aviation in Amur and Irkutsk regions The event was attended by crews of the strategic missile carriers Tu-95MS and supersonic bombers Tu-22M3 which included experienced and young pilots and navigators.
09.11.2021 (22:00) Participants of the exercise Unbreakable Brotherhood-2021 highly appreciated the newest medical armored vehicle Linza The armored vehicle Linza entered service with the CMD in May 2021. It is designated for search, collection and withdrawal of the wounded from the battlefield and centers of mass sanitary losses.
09.11.2021 (18:15) More than 4 tons of oxygen were additionally transferred for the hospitals of the Voronezh region by the servicemen of the bomber's regiment of the WMD Assistance to the regions is provided on the instructions of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation after appeals from a number of heads of regions with a request for assistance.
09.11.2021 (17:00) Statement by the Russian Ministry of Defence The Black Sea Fleet carries out a set of measures to monitor the actions of US Navy ships in the Black Sea.
09.11.2021 (16:55) The Defence Ministers of Russia and Kazakhstan approved a program of cooperation in the military sphere Sergei Shoigu expressed gratitude to his colleague for supporting the functioning of Russian ranges in Kazakhstan, which is especially important at a time when there is a rapid development of new weapons systems.
09.11.2021 (15:15) The pilots of the Western Military District used about 3 thousand aerial bombs during the exercises In total, according to the results of the academic year, during the exercises, the aviation units of the Leningrad air force and air defence army of the Western Military District used more than 11,000 aircraft weapons of destruction.
09.11.2021 (14:30) The Russian Knights aerobatic team starts off for Dubai to participate in international airshow During the airshow, Aerospace Forces’ crews will conduct flights as part of squad and demonstrate supermaneuverable possibilities of the newest Su-30SM fighters.
09.11.2021 (13:15) Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu held another conference call with the leadership of the Armed Forces Among the topics he proposed for discussion were the modernization of the nuclear submarine Irkutsk.
09.11.2021 (11:45) The marines of the Caspian Flotilla learned to repel an enemy attack on a column of military equipment In total, more than 100 military personnel of the CF marine corps units took part in the tactical-special exercise, about 30 units of weapons and military equipment were involved.
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