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03.11.2021 (00:30) Tu-160 and Tu-95ms aircraft crews complete flights in the dark in Volga region Pilots and navigators worked out takeoffs and landings, flights along the route and in a given zone, as well as elements of interaction with the flight control group.
02.11.2021 (17:30) Military transport aviation crews perform flights in difficult meteorological conditions Landing in adverse weather conditions with a specified minimum weather is one of the main criteria for the professionalism of a military transport aviation pilot.
02.11.2021 (15:15) In Crimea, crews of Bal and Bastion missile and artillery formations of the Black Sea Fleet launch missile strikes at sea targets The ships of the Black Sea Fleet acted as the ships of the mock enemy.
02.11.2021 (13:15) Central Military District final check for 2021 ends More than 70 thousand servicemen of formations and units of the district took part in it.
02.11.2021 (12:45) Pacific Fleet ships conduct artillery firing in Okhotsk Sea During the exercise, artillery crews destroyed a coastal target imitating the command post of a mock enemy, and also completed a training mission to destroy floating sea mines.
02.11.2021 (10:15) Medics of the Southern Military District took over 1.4 thousand patients with COVID-19 for treatment and consultation in a mobile hospital in Sukhum All research results are sent back to the laboratories of the republic, which significantly speeds up testing, the analysis is done within forty minutes.
02.11.2021 (09:45) Central MD peacekeepers begin redeployment to the area of Unbreakable Brotherhood 2021 exercise in Tatarstan The servicemen started loading equipment onto railway platforms. They will have to make a combined march, more than 400 km long to Kazan.
02.11.2021 (09:00) Eastern MD army aviation crews destroy ground targets in Transbaikalia In addition, in the course of the flights, the servicemen carried out aerial reconnaissance of the terrain, and also honed the coherence of the crews when solving incoming introductory tasks in conditions of mock emergency situations.
02.11.2021 (05:15) More than 130 patients with severe and moderate forms of coronavirus are under supervision of military medics of the Central Military District in Khakassia Military specialists, together with civilian doctors, provide assistance to patients in medical institutions in the region in Abakan and Chernogorsk cities.
02.11.2021 (05:00) Russian peacekeepers ensure safe visits to over 50 pilgrims to Amaras Monastery in Nagorno-Karabakh Servicemen of the Russian peacekeeping contingent in Nagorno-Karabakh on a regular basis ensure the safety of pilgrims wishing to visit this shrine.
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