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16.08.2021 (15:30) Teams of Masters of Armored Vehicles competition begin their first trainings Before the start of the competition, the contestants will undergo a 5-day series of trainings, and during this time the technical staff will prepare UAZ, KamAZ and Ural vehicles for races.
16.08.2021 (12:00) Within the framework of IMTF ARMY 2021 there will be a congress on "Strategic Leadership in the Digital Age and Artificial Intelligence Technologies" During the congress the following issues will be touched upon: creation of hardware and software using artificial intelligence; achievements of the national scientific school in this direction and others.
16.08.2021 (10:15) 13 tactical episodes will be demonstrated in the Volgograd region at ARMY 2021 Forum For the first time in the Volgograd region on the territory of the Patriot park, the tankmen of the Southern Military District will perform a "tank waltz" using T-90 tanks.
16.08.2021 (09:50) Nine teams arrive in Elbrus region to participate in Elbrus Ring 2021 international competition Military climbers from Russia, China, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Uzbekistan and India arrived at the Terskol Mountain Training and Survival Centre.
16.08.2021 (05:10) PRC summed up the preliminary results of Sibu/Interaction 2021 joint exercise The representatives of the command gave a good assessment of the ability of the joint headquarters of the leadership to develop, plan and organize a counter-terrorist operation in a short time.
15.08.2021 (18:35) Qatar will host the first competition of military traffic inspectors Road Patrol of International Army Games The main events will take place at the base of the military police of the armed forces of the State of Qatar, which is located in the suburbs of the capital, Doha.
15.08.2021 (10:05) Servicemen of the countries participating in Masters of armored vehicles competition of the International Army Games 2021 arrive in Voronezh region In total, more than 100 military personnel from the Republic of Belarus, Egypt, China, Uzbekistan and Russia will take part in the international stage of Masters of Armored Vehicles competition.
14.08.2021 (16:41) Echelon with tanks of the team of Tank Biathlon competition of the People's Liberation Army of China arrives in Alabino International Army Games 2021 will be held from August 22 to September 4 this year on the territory of 11 states. During the Games, more than 5 thousand servicemen from more than 40 countries will compete in 34 competitions in field, air and naval training.
14.08.2021 (10:05) In China, Russian anti-aircraft gunners will face teams from five countries at Clear Sky competition Before the start of the competition, the teams will have to receive, maintain military equipment and weapons, as well as familiarize themselves with the places of future competitions.
14.08.2021 (07:30) Sibu/Interaction 2021 joint Russian-Chinese exercise ends with award ceremony and solemn passage of troops As a result of the strategic exercise, the most distinguished servicemen of the armies of the two countries were awarded medals.
13.08.2021 (16:00) Large anti-submarine ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov of the Northern Fleet enters the English Channel The corvette Gremyashii of the Pacific Fleet and the minesweeper Vladimir Yemelyanov of the Black Sea Fleet also operate as part of the detachment of ships and support vessels at sea.
13.08.2021 (15:15) Scouts from Belarus arrive in Novosibirsk to participate in Army Scout Masters international competition The competition will be held from August 22 to September 4 at the educational complex of the Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School.
13.08.2021 (14:15) Sibu/Interaction 2021 exercise active phase finishes at Qingtongxia training ground in PRC In the course of the operation, the joint grouping of troops practiced a number of tactical tasks to inflict losses on a mock enemy with combined fire from small arms, combat vehicles and tanks.
13.08.2021 (14:00) About 30 tactical episodes to be demonstrated at ARMY 2021 Forum Tactical episodes classified by types of weapons, military and special equipment will be presented to the attention of viewers and forum participants.
13.08.2021 (13:00) Set of exercises was held in the Black Sea with the crew of the patrol ship Dmitry Rogachev The exercise was held in accordance with the plan for training fleet forces in naval training ranges.
13.08.2021 (12:00) Crews of small artillery ships Makhachkala and Astrakhan of Caspian Flotilla begin transition to Bender-Anzeli port to participate in Sea Cup competition Crew of small artillery ship Makhachkala will represent the CFl at the international competition in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Astrakhan will stay at the competition as a reserve ship.
13.08.2021 (10:30) In Primorye, the headquarters of the leadership of Laros 2021 Russian-Laotian exercise begin planning joint anti-terrorist operation In total, about 500 servicemen of the two countries are involved in the exercise, about 100 units of military equipment, including Su-25 attack aircraft and Ka-52 air defence attack helicopters.
13.08.2021 (10:10) Structures of the military departments of Russia and China sign memorandum on the establishment of twinning relations in China In the presence of the Russian and Chinese defence ministers, the documents were signed by the heads of the structures responsible for international military cooperation in the military departments of the Russian Federation and the PRC.
13.08.2021 (09:30) Sibu/Interaction 2021 exercise not aimed against third countries This was announced during the talks between the heads of the military departments of Russia and China by the Minister of Defence of the People's Republic of China, Colonel-General Wei Fenghe.
13.08.2021 (09:15) Russia and China increasing the interaction of their armed forces on land, in the air and at sea This was stated by the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, during a meeting with the Head of the Chinese Military Department.
13.08.2021 (09:00) Russian Defence Minister notes the coordination of actions of the Russian and Chinese military personnel in Sibu/Interaction 2021 exercise In China, upon completion of the active phase of the exercise, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, noting the professionalism of the military, awarded those who distinguished themselves.
13.08.2021 (06:30) Heads of the military departments of the Russian Federation and the PRC watching active phase of joint exercise in China The exercise are conducted in accordance with the previously reached agreements between the military departments of the Russian Federation and the PRC.
13.08.2021 (05:00) Russian peacekeepers donate about 40 liters of blood for patients in Nagorno-Karabakh About 100 Russian servicemen responded to the appeal and voluntarily donated their blood.
12.08.2021 (17:30) Indra 2021 International Russian-Indian exercise completes near Volgograd According to the leadership, the international event, which included many elements of joint combat training, was held at a high level.
12.08.2021 (15:55) For the first time, teams from Brazil, Qatar, Myanmar and Uzbekistan to take part in Airborne Platoon international competition On August 22, in Ryazan, at Spartak stadium, the Commander of the Airborne Troops, Colonel-General Andrei Serdyukov, will start Airborne Platoon international competition.
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