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09.02.2021 (17:05) "Gunsmith Master" first stage starts in the Baltic Fleet In the military units and formations of the Baltic Fleet, the first stage of the competition for specialists in the repair of rocket and artillery weapons has begun within the framework of the "Master Gunsmith" competition, which is part of the program of the Army International Games-2021.
09.02.2021 (15:15) An exercise was conducted to cover the base point from a missile strike with the crew of the air defence of the BSF frigate "Admiral Essen" According to the plan of the exercise, the control center of the Black Sea Fleet received data on the take-off of a group of enemy aircraft in the direction of the Crimean Peninsula.
09.02.2021 (13:45) The Russian Defence Minister opened an operational mobilization session with the leadership of the Armed Forces Within three days, the participants of the event will discuss issues related to the trends in the development of the military-political situation, ensuring the military security of the state and the specifics of conducting combat training events
09.02.2021 (11:00) Crews of the unique S-300V4 anti-aircraft missile systems repelled an air attack by a mock enemy in the Krasnodar territory During the exercise, the servicemen deployed launchers and practiced electronic missile launches against air targets that mimic the enemy's air attack means.
09.02.2021 (07:40) The crews of the army aviation of the WMD launched rocket attacks on the armored vehicles of the mock enemy in the Leningrad region In addition, the pilots practiced landing on unprepared snow-covered terrain.
09.02.2021 (06:55) The second qualifying stage of the competition "Suvorov Attack" started at the EMD training ground in the Republic of Buryatia The passage of the route with overcoming various obstacles is also included in the selection program.
09.02.2021 (05:55) Military personnel of the EMD in Transbaikal began preparing for the competition "Military Rally" The event is attended by about 100 military personnel, about 40 units of military equipment are involved.
09.02.2021 (03:00) About 24.2 thousand explosive objects were neutralized by specialists of the International Mine Action Center of the Russian Defence Ministry in Nagorno-Karabakh Detected explosive objects and non-working ammunition are removed and destroyed at a specially equipped landfill.
08.02.2021 (12:45) For the first time, about 1000 snipers of the Southern Military District practice the destruction of air targets from moving cars In the qualifying round of the Sniper Frontier competition, snipers will also have to demonstrate their skills in shooting from a Makarov pistol and a Dragunov sniper rifle.
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