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20.03.2014 (18:55)

Russian Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov on forthcoming Conference on international security hosted by Russian Defence Ministry

 On May 23-24, 2014, Russian Defence Ministry is going to hold the conference on the international security. It will be the third event in succession by now. It is known, that earlier in 2012 Russian military leadership and partners discussed ballistic missile defence issues during the international conference, formerly known as European security.

Despite the USA and NATO statements on a suspension of defence and military technical cooperation with Russia, we see no reason to cut back preparation for the forthcoming conference. We continue work as planned and have no instructions to cancel, postpone or change of a format of the conference.

Among participants in the conference are: official representatives of the Russian leadership and federal executive authorities, heads of defence ministries from CIS member-states, leading states of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, USA, and Canada; heads of the international organizations — UN, NATO, OPCW, EU, CSTO, OSCE and the League of Arab States. Representatives of leading non-governmental organizations and the academic circles are also invited to the conference.

We believe the goal of the forthcoming conference is to provide a platform for completely open discussion concerning strengthening of global security and possible solutions to current regional crises with emphasis on the analysis of military-political aspects of modern security problems.

We took most urgent military-political problems as point of departure when picking up topics.

Beyond any doubt, the withdrawal of the International security assistance force from Afghanistan later this year will affect stability not only in Central Asia, but also probably in other regions.
At the same time, the situation aggravates in the Middle East and Northern Africa. The region poses the global threat as a seat of terrorism.

We would like to look at these problems through the eyes of military experts, what consequences escalation of conflicts and external military intervention can have.

The conference program envisages plenary session, which includes addresses of the Russian political and military and Foreign Ministry leadership, high-level representatives of defence ministries from foreign states and international organizations.

Hereafter there will be sections. The first one is devoted to the future of Afghanistan after withdrawing of the ISAF. We want to discuss defence and military technical cooperation with Afghanistan, and its significance for stabilization of the situation in the country.

It seems useful to discuss a format and liabilities of new international mission in Afghanistan, along with measures of military nature that could prevent transformation of the country into the terrorists training range.

The second section will focus on conflicts in the Middle East and Northern Africa. We would like to suggest our guests to have a discussion of significance of military non-intervention in the Syrian conflict, and chemical disarmament of Syria.

In connection with the conflict in Syria, we could present to attention of participants a special briefing by Russian General Staff based on computer simulation of possible consequences of a missile strike against military facilities in Syria.

Another yet important topic — strengthening of "export" of terrorism to other Middle East countries. Traditionally, after conference finished Russian Defence Ministry leadership will hold a meeting with journalists for summing up the results of the event.

Moreover, there is a special event made to give our foreign guests an opportunity to examine venue and see some basic elements of fascinating international military competition "Tank Biathlon-2014". For this purpose, we will take them to Alabino range (Moscow Oblast).

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