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16.04.2015 (11:51)

Defence Minister of Russia gave speech at the IV Moscow Conference on International Security

The IV Moscow Conference on International Security held by the Defence Ministry of Russia started working today in Moscow.

Representatives of Military departments of more than 70 countries, experts and academicians as well as delegates from 6 international organizations will participate in the forum.

The Head of the Russia Military department General of the Army Sergei Shoigu gave an opening speech at the conference.

He expressed his conviction that the majority of modern crises can be resolved through political and diplomatic efforts.

 “The example of this — disposal of chemical weapons in Syria, agreements concerning the nuclear programme of Iran,” mentioned the Russian Defence Minister.

In his opinion, “nowadays a professional and open dialogue of military experts, where they could exchange opinions concerning the termination of armed confrontation in the most troubled areas of the world, is highly sought”.

 “In this context we believe that the military and political interests of regional parties must become a main focus, but not the ambitions of those who consider the world in view of self-exceptionalism,” stated the head of the Russian Military department.

 “We experience a turning point of our history. It is in our hands to define the world order. Of course, we will continue existing in the conditions of confrontation, dictate of force, disregard of the international law and national interests of states, but where will such policy lead us to?” said the Russian Defence Minister.

Sergei Shoigu emphasized that Russia suggested another way – the way of multilateral interaction based on the principle of equal undivided security.

 “We must find the solutions for complicated problems of international security, which will be based on the balance of interests and compromises, but not on force and aggression,” he said.

The Head of the Russian Military Department mentioned that those words were backed by serious initiatives, the realization of which would allow to defuse tension and to strengthen global and regional security.

For instance, the solution of the situation concerning the European Missile Defence System lies in the idea of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to create non-strategic missile defence system for Europe.

Sergei Shoigu reminded that the Russian suggestion provided the creation of economically practicable missile defence system, the scale, structure and capabilities of which would be commensurate with the risks which Europe faces.

“The other example – ensuring stability in Asia-Pacific Region. In 2013 Russia together with China and Brunei offered action plan of building there new security architecture,” explained the Chief of the Russian defense department.

Special attention of the Minister of Defense was paid to the situation in Ukraine.

“Strive to involve Kiev in their sphere USA and its close allies crossed all possible limits which could not be left without our reaction. Unconstitutional shifting of power in the country resulted in civil war,” stated Sergei Shoigu.

“Ukrainian colour revolt imposed by USA has become a biggest tragedy for its people,” said the Russian Minister of Defense.

Same time, according to him, the phenomenon of colour revolutions is now getting developed and receiving a global character.

Sergei Shoigu underlined that that “structure of stability built after the World War II is now getting ineffective”.

“The number of countries considering themselves as “the winners of cold war” is trying to impose their will on the others. They freely interpret the basic norms of the international law, widely use double standards, they get roughly involved into internal affairs of sovereign countries, also by using power,” highlighted the Chief of the Russian defense department.

He stated that “unilateral decisions in the sphere of international security, plans of absolute power domination are going against with the interests of the other countries, and become disastrous for global security”.

The Russian Minister of Defense drew the attention of the audience to “Iranian problem”.

Sergei Shoigu underlined that Tegeran missile threat was not confirmed.

“It is clear now that mythical Tegeran missile threat imagined by USA and allied countries was a simple flannelling,” said the Russian Minister of Defense.

He stressed that the Russian Defence Ministry warned European colleagues about this danger a few years ago. "The recent sad events in France, Canada, Denmark confirmed that we were right," said Sergey Shoygu.

He also noted that the build-up of the US missile defense system threatens the strategic stability in the world.

"Our forecasts for the global missile defense system of the United States, stated at the Moscow Conference of 2012, are being proved to be correct. We affirm that the American missile defence’s architecture embodied in the life is a threat to strategic stability," said the Russian Defence Minister.

Sergey Shoigu is convinced that the NATO’s member-states seek to seize geopolitical space, building up military potential in Eastern Europe and closing to Russia's borders.

"The alliance dropped propaganda clichés of past years about its focus on cooperation with Russia," said the Minister of Defence of Russia.

He noted that "the geographic concentration of the areas of the NATO’s exercises – only the eastern flank of the alliance and the Arctic region – is an evidence of their anti-Russian purposefulness."

"Information war has become aggravated, and lies and slander within it against our country and its Armed Forces have become commonplace. The media of many European states are spinning theses about the need to deter Russia, "the growth of the Russian military threat", which supposedly requires "immediate reaction" of the NATO," said Sergey Shoygu.

"At the same time, some Western countries are trying to drag also countries in Asia and Latin America in the anti-Russian campaign, choosing isolation of Russia as a target," he added. "All this for some persons has become a painful obsession."

Referring to the events in Afghanistan, Russian Defence Minister believes that the International Security Assistance Force in the country was unable to cope with the task.

"Terrorism in Afghanistan is not eradicated, and the flow of narcotics increased. All this represents a real threat to Russia's neighbours, first of all, to our allies in Central Asia," said the Minister of Defence of Russia.

In this regard, he said that Russia will continue to support Tajikistan with arms and military equipment, as well as to strengthen the Russian outpost in the country – our military base.

Sergei Shoigu also thinks that it is necessary to unite efforts in order to struggle against the attempts of heroization of Nazism.

He pointed out that the year 2015 is remarkable for the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory – “an event of historical importance”. The head of the Russian military department emphasized the fact that the Soviet Union played a decisive role in the defeat of Nazism. But Russia has never been “dividing the victory into the ours and another's and it respects the contributions of all nations which shoulder to shoulder with Soviet soldiers fought against “the Brown Plague” and militarism in Europe and Asia.

“Today it is important to unite efforts in order to struggle against any attempts of heroization of Nazism, reanimation of fascist and militarist ideology, spreading of xenophobia and racism. Our common duty is not to allow new tragedies to happen. We need neither wars no shocks. We need peace to achieve constructive goals,” - Sergei Shoigu said.

He added that he would like to express his gratitude to the leaders and peoples of the countries that carefully treat memorials and burial sites of Soviet soldiers.

“We remember about the contribution of our allies in this battle as well. As the majority of countries we will hold sacred the memory of those people who laid down their lives for the liberation of Europe from fascism”, as the Russian Minister of Defence has pointed out.

The Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov and the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia General of the Army Valery Gerasimov have also delivered a speech at the Conference.

The plenary session will also include speeches of the Minister of Defence of the People’s Republic of China Colonel-General Chang Wanquan, the Minister of National Defence of Greece Panos Kammenos, the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Belarus Major-General Andrei Ravkov, the Minister of Defence of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Khawaja Muhammad Asif, the Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics of the Islamic Republic of Iran Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan, the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans of the South Africa Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia Ryamizard Ryacudu, the Minister  of Defence of the Republic of Serbia Bratislav Gasic, the Minister of the People’s Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Hyon Yong-chol, the Minister of Defence of Mongolia Tserendash Tsolmon, the Minister of State for Defence of India Rao Inderjit Singh. For the Confernce programme, the list of delegations and other information analysis products visit the official web-site of the Russian Ministry of Defence

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