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06.09.2017 (08:50)

Underwater missile cruisers of the Northern Fleet practiced cooperation with naval aviation and a diesel submarine

Today two nuclear underwater missile cruisers (project 949A) Antey have practiced cooperation with naval aviation and a diesel submarine.

The crews of the diesel submarine of the Kola interservice flotilla and the long-range ASW aircraft Tu-142 of the Northern Fleet naval aviation have received the task to detect ships imitated by auxiliary supply ships – tankers Manych and Kama.

In the course of this episode, the seamen and pilots of naval aviation honed their skills on search for simulated enemy ships under different combat conditions.

The crews of underwater missile cruisers deployed their weapon systems for missile strike.

This episode is the preliminary one before the combat firings of the missile cruisers.

Missile launches will be effectuated in the nearest time within the command-and-staff interservice exercise of the Northern Fleet, which started on September 4.

Press Service of the Eastern Military District
Navy , Submarine Forces , Eastern Military District , Морское взаимодействие-2017
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