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06.10.2015 (20:33)

Having recognized high effectiveness of armament detection and threat of immediate liquidation, terrorists are taking efforts to transport weapons to inhabited areas

In the course of the day, Russian aviation aircraft have performed about 20 combat sorties.

Su-34, Su-24M and Su-25 aircraft attacked 12 ISIS rear infrastructural facilities, command centres, training camps and militants’ bases.

Near Deir ez-Zor, Su-24M bombers eliminated 2 ISIS command centres. Direct hits of concrete-piercing bombs destroy buildings sheltering terrorists.

In Idlib, a Su-24M aircraft made a strike against an ISIS terrorist training ground. Objecting monitoring data registered multiple explosions of munitions. The training base aimed for the preparation of terrorists is eliminated.

A pair of Su-25 attack aircraft attacked an ISIS terrorist field camp also in Idlib. The air strike resulted in destruction of numerous buildings and constructions used by terrorists for storage of explosives, as well as logistic and food supplies.

Moreover, near Kafar Aouid (Idlib) two Su-25 attack aircraft engaged an ISIS field camp. Radio reconnaissance detected talks in several foreign languages in the territory of the base that proves the training of foreign ISIS militants was carried out there.  

Su-25 attack aircraft engaged an ISIS strong point at Tel-Dakua high ground (Damascus).

Another ISIS strong point near Gnam (Lattakia) was engaged by Su-34 bombers.

As a result, fortification installations of the terrorists have been completely destroyed. Detonation of munitions and POL caused multiple fires.

Su-24M bombers destroyed a plant manufacturing munitions for ISIS terrorists near the Guta area (Damascus).

The target was hit by guided aviation bombs. The facility got inflamed. Objective monitoring data confirms the complete destruction of the terrorist source of ammunition and explosives aimed for engagement of manpower and armored hardware.

All the Russian jets involved in the today’s missions over the territories of the Syrian Arab Republic have successfully returned at the Hmeymim airfield. 

Pinpoint strikes against ammunition depots, armored hardware and command centre of the ISIS performed by the Russian aviation caused panic among the terrorists.

After having recognized the high effectiveness of detection of armament and military hardware storages and the real threat of immediate liquidation, the terrorists are taking efforts to transport weapons to inhabited areas.

As a rule, militants are deploying the armored hardware in close proximity to the mosques because they perfectly know that Russian aviation would never perform strikes on them.

Footage made by a Russian UAV carrying out the air reconnaissance can be seen on the video.

That example shows that the “moderate citizens” will not use peaceful population as a human shield.

Moreover, they will not gather armed vehicles under the cover of religious institutions.

All these actions are nothing but the signature of the terrorism.

Is cannot be ruled out that now terrorists are intentionally preparing acts of provocation such as detonation of mosques in order to demonstrate fake photos and videos to indict the Russian aviation. 

Directorate of Media service and Information
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