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10.10.2015 (14:21)

In the course of the last 24 hours, the Russian air group in the Syria performed 64 combat sorties engaging 55 ISIS objects

In the course of the last 24 hours, the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic continued airstrikes against ISIS infrastructures.

Su-34, Su-24M and Su-25SM performed 64 combat sorties from the Hmeymim airbase engaging 55 ISIS objects.

The increasing intensiveness of the combat sorties of the Russian aviation is connected with the raising number of detected ground targets registered by the means of air and space reconnaissance all over the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

During the initial stage of the operation, the Russian aircraft destroyed the main and the largest ISIS logistic centres.

That caused considerable reduction of the combat potential of the illegal armed groups, as well as lowering their mobility and offensive capability.

According to the radio interception, militants are suffering a severe lack of armament, ammunition and POL materials. A part of militants is demoralized and is leaving combat areas moving to the east and north-east of the Syrian Arab Republic.

That is why active redeployment of armament, military hardware and transport means with terrorists’ ammunition aimed for the immediate restoration of combat capability of the active ISIS groups is registered all over the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic at the present time.

In the course of the last 24 hours, the main objects for engagement were militants’ command and communication centres, ammunition depots, bases and training camps of terrorists in the Raqqah, Hamah, Damascus and Aleppo provinces.

Su-24M bombers engaged a large fortified area to the east of Tel-
Alam (Aleppo). There were equipped fire emplacements, mortar artillery positions as well as underground ammunition and food depots.

The direct hit of a BETAB-500 air bomb caused detonation of munitions; all the engineer facilities were eliminated.

Near Kwaiser settlement (Aleppo), a Su-24M made a strike against a militants’ base of military hardware. The direct hit resulted in destruction of over 10 vehicles including 2 tanks and 5 infantry fighting vehicles. Fire appeared, the shelters with military hardware were completely destroyed.

Russian reconnaissance detected through several channels a command centre of illegal armed groups hidden in a mountain-woody area of the Idlib province. After analysis of the space image of this area and the air reconnaissance carried out by UAV,s the object was subjected to a pinpoint airstrike.

According to the objective monitoring data, the destruction of the fortified constructions, where the command centre was situated, as well as elimination of 3 automobile vehicles of the militants was confirmed.

The attacks of the Russian air group carried out within the last 24 hours resulted in destruction of the following objects:

2 command centres;

an ammunition depot in the Hamah province;

29 field camps of terrorists;

23 fortified areas and strong points with armament and military hardware.

The active work aimed at increasing contacts with the foreign colleagues is being continued.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has prepared a project of a joint interdepartmental document aimed at prevention of possible incidents in the air space of Syria between the military aircraft of Russia the ones of the coalition led by the USA.

That project has been sent immediately through the established communication channels to the American party.

Russian experts are ready for discussion of this project with representatives of the Pentagon.

Today the Russian Ministry of Defence is waiting for the official notice from the American party concerning the time of the next consultations in the format of videoconference.

Results of the airstike made by Su-34 bombers against an ISIS command centre in the Raqqah province. 

The direct hit of two air bombs was registered by a UAV. The facility was completely destroyed, large fire appeared.

Results of the airstike against the ISIS fortified positions in the Aleppo province.

The direct hit of air bombs at the terrorist fortifications caused detonations of munitions and total destruction of the militants’ strong point.

Consequences of an airstrike on a concentration of military hardware.

It resulted in inflammation of vehicles and detonation of munitions.

Results of a strike with a BETAB-500 concrete-piercing air bomb against engineer facilities.

The direct hit caused total destruction of the facility.

Directorate of Media service and Information
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