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11.10.2015 (19:14)

In the course of the last 24 hours, the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic continued airstrikes against ISIS infrastructures

In the course of the last 24 hours, the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic continued airstrikes against ‎ISIS infrastructures.

Su-30 fighters provide permanent coverage of the Russian strike groups.

Su-34, Su-24M and Su-25SM performed 64 combat sorties from the Hmeymim airbase engaging 63 ISIS objects located in Hamah, Latakia, Idlib and Raqqah provinces.

All the aircraft of the Russian air group successfully came back to the Hmeymim airbase after performing combat tasks in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Means of air reconnaissance registered the ISIS artillery battery located near Saraqib, Idlib province. The unit conducted repeated strikes against the nearest inhabited areas.

The Russian bombers destroyed this target.

Su-24M eliminated ISIS coordinating center located in Salma area. The HQ coordinated terrorists in Latakia province.

The direct hit of a KAB-500 air bomb caused complete destruction of the building sheltering leaders of the militants. Five off-road vehicles equipped with ZU-23 AA systems were destroyed as well.

Su-24M stroke a well-camouflaged position of off-road vehicles equipped with mortars located in the area of Kafr Delba (Latakia province). As a result of the strike, the mobile mortar battery, including 6 vehicles, was eliminated.

Su-25SM attackers hit the strong point of the ISIS terrorists, which was detected by means of air reconnaissance in vicinity of Achan (Hamah province). Fortifications, ammunition and materiel storages of the terrorists were liquidated by the direct hit.

Training camp of the ISIS unit was registered by means of reconnaissance in mountain-woody area of Khirbat al-Arus (Idlib province).

Su-25SM attackers hit the target with high-explosive bombs. The terrorists’ base was destroyed.

The attacks of the Russian air group carried out within the last 24 hours resulted in complete destruction of the following objects:

  • 53 fortified areas and strong points with armament and military hardware;
  • 1 command center;
  • 4 field camps of terrorists;
  • 7 ammunition depots;
  • artillery and mortar batteries.

The radio interception data is the evidence of panic increase among the ISIS armed groups.

Leaders of the armed groups are requesting immediate replenishment of armament and munitions, which were destroyed by the Russian aviation, and reinforcement projecting from Raqqah province in order to keep the positions. 

Footage of strikes against strong points of the ISIS militants in different areas of the Syrian Arab Republic in the course of last 24 hours.

The fortifications were equipped in accordance with all the rules of military science.

The installations and created positioning area system are the evidence of some proper professional training level of the militants: they are not civilians, who are handling the weapon since previous day, but they are well-trained professional terrorists, and the war is the main source of profit for them. 

Air strike against strong point equipped by the ISIS terrorists in captured building in the area of Salma (Latakia province). As a result of direct hit the command and coordination center of the militants was destroyed.

Strike against fire positions of the ISIS detachment near Achan (Hama province). Air bomb direct hit at fortifications and shelters of terrorists caused position destruction and inflamed the vehicles and patrol storages. .

Jets of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit positions of terrorists’ detachment in Latakia province. The ammunition detonated at the underground ammunition depot. The ISIS terrorists lost their opportunity to conduct active warfare.

Russian Aerospace Forces eliminated strong point of the “Islamic State” terrorists located near Dokmak. Direct hit of the air bombs caused large-scale fire. Armament, hardware and materiel of the militants, which were on the positions, were destroyed.

Directorate of Media service and Information
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