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12.10.2015 (16:57)

Russian aviation group in the Syrian Arab Republic continues strikes against ISIS infrastructures

Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic continues strikes against ISIS infrastructures.

In the course of the last 24 hours, Russian military aircraft Su-34, Su-24M and Su-25SM have performed 55 combat sorties engaging 53 ISIS objects in the Homs, Hamah, Lattakia and Idlib provinces.

The means of space and air reconnaissance continue detection of new ISIS objects on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic 24 hours a day for their further engagement by the Russian air group.

During all sorties, the Russian strike aviation is covered by Su-30 fighters.

As a result of a pinpoint strike of Su-24M bombers near Salma settlement (Lattakia province), fragmentation air bombs destroyed a large ISIS transfer point with underground facilities and ammunition depots detected by means of space reconnaissance.

Detonation of munitions caused large fire. The object was completely destroyed.

Su-34 bombers engaged a militants’ camp located near Al-Mastumah (Idlib province).

According to the reconnaissance data, the camp was used as a concentration point, where militants from different countries were trained. At the same camp, terrorists were taught special tactics and sapper skills under the leadership of experienced instructors.

Near Tal Sukeyk (to the north of Hamah), a Su-25 attack aircraft eliminated a column of automobile vehicles, which transported munitions and fuel to the ISIS terrorist positions in that area.

Three petrol tank vehicles escorted by two off-road vehicles with large caliber machine guns were destroyed.

In the recent days, terrorists are undertaking desperate attempts to ferry munitions, armament, fuel and equipment from the Raqqah province to the contact line with the Syrian Armed Forces.

Significant part of their armament, ammunitions, fuel for military vehicles is already eliminated by pinpoint strikes of the Russian aircraft.

In this area of the Hamah province, a Su-24M bomber destroyed an ISIS underground command centre with a KAB-500 guided air bomb. The precision strike eliminated all the engineer facilities of terrorists.

Near Tal Sukeyk (Hamah province), a Su-25 attack aircraft engaged a militants’ mobile mortar position detected by UAVs.

The pinpoint strike resulted in destruction of three off-road vehicles equipped with mortars and one lorry with munitions.

The attacks of the Russian air group carried out within the last 24 hours resulted in destruction of the following objects:

  • 25 fortified areas and defensive positions with armament and military equipment;
  • terrorist strong point near Salma settlement (Lattakia province);
  • 7 command centres of militants;
  • 6 terrorist field training camps;
  • 6 ammunition depots;
  • a column of automobile vehicles;
  • 3 underground shelters in the Lattakia province;
  • 1 mobile mortar group.

After the successful task performance, all the Russian aircraft have returned to the Hmeymim airbase.

According to the Treaty on Open Skies, the Russian specialists were to have carried out a scheduled observation flight on an An-30B aircraft over the territories of the Turkish Republic on October 12, using Eskisehir and Diyarbak?r airfields.

The Turkish colleagues have addressed with a request to the Russian Ministry of Defence to defer the flight to a later date in connection with the security operation.

Taking into account the current situation in the Turkish Republic and the official appeal of the Turkish colleagues, the Russian Ministry of Defence has decided to defer the flight within the Treaty on Open Skies to a later date.

Airstrikes against an ISIS training camp in the Idlib province.

The object was used as a big concentration point, where militants from different countries were trained. This is confirmed by radio interceptions, which registered talks among terrorists in several foreign languages.

The training base was detected by different means of reconnaissance. The facility had all the infrastructural elements necessary for housing and training of terrorists. There were hangars with military hardware, workshops for equipment of off-road vehicles with large caliber machine guns, depots for ammunition, armament and other equipment, park areas and zones for training of terrorists as well as dwelling facilities.

The pinpoint strike completely destroyed the large training centre of militants.

Precision strikes of Su-24M bombers against an ISIS transfer point with underground facilities located in mountain-woody area near Salma (Lattakia province). Direct hit of fragmentation air bombs resulted in total destruction and fire.

Results of an airstrike against a terrorist strong point near Ter-Tyana. The direct hit eliminated the fortified object completely.

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