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15.10.2015 (15:10)

During the last 24 hours, the Russian aviation group in Syria has continued conducting pinpoint airstrikes against ISIS facilities at the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic

In the course of the last 24 hours, the Russian aviation group in Syria has continued conducting pinpoint airstrikes against ISIS facilities on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.  

The Russian aircraft performed 33 combat sorties from Hmeymim airbase engaging 32 ISIS infrastructural facilities in the Idlib, Hama, Damascus, Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor provinces.

The flight intensity of the Russian Aerospace Forces has decreased.

This is caused by transformation of contact line as a result of offensive operations carried out by the Syrian Armed Forces.

The militants are retreating and trying to equip new positioning areas and change the ammunition, armament and materiel supply logistical system.

The Russian reconnaissance means are registering these changes. The processing and analyzing of data received by both Russian reconnaissance means and Informational Centre in Baghdad is also carried out. 

The intensity of reconnaissance flights of aviation and UAVs is certainly increased in order to check and confirm the received data.

In the Eastern Guta region (Damascus province), a fortified fire position of Osa AA missile system, which had been captured by the militants, was destroyed by a Su-34 bomber. Strike with KAB-500 guided bomb caused elimination of concrete fortifications, which used to shelter the AA system. The air defence missile system was eliminated.

Su-24M bombers hit a two-storey building, which the ISIS militants had used as command centre (Aleppo province). As a result, the target was destroyed by a direct hit of an air bomb.

Near Al-Atarib, Idlib province, Su-25 attack aircraft carried out strike against underground plant manufacturing high-explosive mines. The militants produced the mines in order to plant them at the highways of the region. The detonation of the explosives caused destruction of the target.

During reconnaissance operation near Khan Shaykhun (Hama province), the aviation detected a strong point with a hidden terrorist artillery battery.

It is worth mentioning that the artillery positions equipped in compliance with strict engineering rules is the evidence of presence of well-trained professionals among the ISIS terrorists.

After reconnaissance check, Su-34 and Su-25 aircraft carried out a sudden group strike against the targets. Fortifications, six artillery guns and four off-road vehicles equipped with mortars were eliminated by the strike.

In the mountain area of Damascus province, air reconnaissance means detected a hidden base of the terrorists. There were three armored vehicles and eight off-road cars equipped with large-caliber machine guns and mortars.

Two Su-25 aircraft hit the base and eliminated military vehicles, ammunition and fuel depots. 

After task performance, all the Russian aircraft sucessfully returned to the Hmeymim airbase.

Su-24M bomber performed pinpoint strikes against armored hardware shelters, POL and materiel storages of militants (Idlib province). 

Well-organized strong point with command centre and ammunition storage of militants in Idlib province was completely destroyed by direct hit of air bomb. 

Yesterday, Russian and US military experts held a videoconference on flight safety of the Russian aviation and aircraft of the coalition led by the USA in Syria. The parties converged in key provisions of the document.

The discussions were held in a constructive and business atmosphere as well as the previous ones.

The same work is in process with the colleagues of the other countries.

Yesterday, the Russian Aerospace Forces and Air Force of Israel held the first stage of a joint cooperative training in order to avoid air incidents.

During the training, the sides informed each other concerning actions of their aircraft using a “hot line” between the Hmeymim airbase and command centre of the Israeli Air Force.

The second stage of the training is taking place today.

Directorate of Media service and Information
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