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20.10.2015 (20:12)

Presence of different aircraft in the air space of Syria has increased recently

Recently, the presence of different aircraft in the air space of Syria has increased. These are civil airliners, military transport aircraft, combat aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles of different size including strike ones.

It is to be particularly mentioned that the Russian air group coordinates every flight with the Syrian service for air traffic control. All the other manned and unmanned aircraft with the exception of the civil airliners are present in the Syrian air space without any accordance and with their transponders switched-off.

It is not infrequent that there are over 30 aircraft in one area at the same time.  Undoubtedly, all that creates risks for aviation in the skies over Syria.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has repeatedly expressed its readiness to cooperate in the field of flight safety with all the states interested in the early elimination of the international terrorism in Syria.

It is to be reminded that the Military departments of Russia and Turkey have organized a direct hot line for prevention of unintentional air incidents in the sky of Syria. Moreover, such format of cooperation is active between the Command centre of the Israeli Air Force and the Flight control centre of the Russian Air Force in Syria.

Just this morning, the Russian Ministry of Defence has received the adopted memorandum from the American colleagues concerning the prevention of air incidents in the Syrian Arab Republic.

It is expected that the document will cover the activities of aviation of all the countries of the anti-ISIS coalition. The American party committed to notifying the adopted rules to their partners, which conduct activities in the territory of Syria.

The Russian Ministry of Defence considers the signing of such document an important step of great practical importance.

That is why the Russian Ministry of Defence considers it necessary to continue the joint work on resolve other important questions.

That includes first of all organization of operational cooperation in rescuing any pilots from any country in case of emergency in the sky of Syria. It will not be the matter of hours, but the one of minutes and seconds. Lives of people will depend on coordinated actions within such operations.

Unfortunately, the severity of the question is not understood by the American colleagues.

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