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11.11.2015 (15:35)

For the last two days aircraft of the Russian air group in Syria performed 85 combat sorties engaging 277 terrorist objects

In the course of the last two days aircraft of the Russian air group in Syria have performed 85 combat sorties engaging 277 terrorist objects in the Aleppo, Damascus, Lattakia, Hama, Homs and Idlib provinces.

As a result of actions of the Russian aviation, the Syrian governmental troops unblocked the Kwaires airfield in the Aleppo province.

The airfield had been surrounded by the ISIS illegal armed groups for over two years.

The data with coordinates of firing positions and strong points of terrorists who had surrounded the airfield have been received from representatives of the Syrian opposition and confirmed by the Information centre in Baghdad.

In the Syrian province Aleppo, local inhabitants actively support the Syrian governmental troops.

Thus, Near Tel Mamo, a severe battle took place between the local inhabitants and the militants of the Ahrar ash-Sham grouping. Terrorists suffered significant losses.

In the course of the last several days, the Russian party has been conducting active additional reconnaissance and checks through several information channels concerning the targets provided by the Syrian opposition.

As a result of these activities, delivery of armament and ammunition for terrorists near Aleppo and Idlib cities was prevented.

That gave the opportunity to the governmental troops to defeat 7 terrorist units of total man strength of 900 people near Aziziyah, Kafer Haddad and Tel Mamo settlements. Having lost the fighting ability, the survived units left these combat areas.

45 km to the south of the Tadmor city (Homs province), a Su-24M bomber made a strike against an ISIS concentration of armoured vehicles uncovered by UAVs. The airstrike resulted in destruction of 3 tanks and 2 infantry fighting vehicles of terrorists.

In the suburbs of Mahin (Homs province), a Su-34 bomber destroyed a large underground ammunition depot of the Jabhat al-Nusra illegal armed group. The coordinates of that object were received from the Syrian opposition.

After the information had been checked, an aviation strike with BETAB-500 concrete-piercing bomb was made causing ammunition detonation and complete destruction of the target. 

The Russian aviation performed a strike against a concentration area of the ISIS vehicles and ammunition depot fitted with mines and artillery shells in Bir Qassab (Damascus province). The ammunition depot and four off-roaders of terrorists were eliminated.

Near Kafr Zita (Hama province), a direct hit with an air bomb dropped from a Su-24M bomber destroyed a mortar battery of the Jabhat al-Nusra illegal armed group.

Using the data obtained from the Syrian opposition, confirmed by the Command of the Syrian Armed Forces, the pinpoint strikes of the Russian aviation carried out in the course of two days ruined terrorists’ plans on attack at the Hama city. This information was confirmed by Russian UAVs.

Thus, in spite of offensive, terrorist units acting in the suburbs of Murek are trying to erect fortifications and arrange mine obstacles to stop the Syrian governmental troops.

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