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25.01.2016 (18:23)

In the course of the last three days the Russian aviation group performed 169 combat sorties engaging 484 objects of terrorists’ infrastructure

In the course of the last three days, January 22-24, aircraft of the Russian aviation group in the Syrian Arab Republic performed 169 combat sorties engaging 484 objects of terrorists’ infrastructure. 

In order to support the large-scale offensive of the Syrian army and units of the patriotic opposition, the Russian Aerospace Forces have been performing massive airstrikes on terrorists’ objects in Syria since January 22. Pilots are performing 70-100 sorties daily. 

Supported by the Russian aviation, Syrian forces achieved significant success in the course of the offensive near Northern Latakia. Just in the course of last 24 hours, the troops have liberated from terrorists more than 92 square kilometers, 28 towns and villages including Rabia, strategically important point for further operations.

Having lost the initiative in Western Syria, leadership of the “Islamic State” made decision to concentrate main efforts on capturing Deir ez-Zor, which has been under terrorists’ siege for long.

Therefore, in accordance to representatives of the Syrian patriotic opposition and Informational Centre in Baghdad, the ISIS pulled up to 2,000 militants with armored hardware and vehicles with large-caliber machine guns to the assigned area last week. 

Crews of Tu-22M3 long-range bombers performed 18 combat sorties from the territory of the Russian Federation in order to engage manpower and hardware of the ISIS near Deir ez-Zor on January 22-24. Flight range reached more than 2,000 kilometers. 

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