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16.02.2016 (18:47)

On February 10-16, aircraft of the Russian aviation group in the Syrian Arab Republic performed 444 combat sorties engaging 1593 terrorists’ objects

On February 10-16, aircraft of the Russian aviation group in the Syrian Arab Republic have performed 444 combat sorties engaging 1593 terrorists’ objects in the provinces of Deir ez-Zor, Daraa, Homs, Hama, Latakia and Aleppo.

In the course of the last day, the government troops and forces of the patriotic opposition have liberated more than 100 square kilometers including 7 inhabited areas in the north and northwest of Syria.

Since the beginning of the month, more than 800 square kilometers and 73 inhabited areas have been liberated from terrorists in the Syrian Arab Republic.

The Syrian authorities are establishing peaceful life in all towns and villages. The civilians are receiving humanitarian aid. Electricity, water and communication services are being recovered. Local security agencies start working at the liberated areas.

After the framework agreements aimed at finishing of combat actions in Syria had been reached last week, terrorist groupings have immediately become more active in the south and especially in the north of the country.

Territorial tensions between illegal armed groups, which were located in the southwest of the Aleppo province and in the northwest of the Idlib province, have become more intensive.

Near Aleppo, terrorists are evacuating their families to the north of the province, to the Turkish border because of the complicated situation. However, in general, only injured militants are crossing the border with no restriction because of border control tightening by the Turkish authorities.

Alongside, weapons, munitions and reinforcements are delivered to militants in Idlib and Aleppo over the Turkish-Syrian border at nighttime.

Since the end of the last week, Turkey has been conducting massive artillery strikes of large-caliber artillery against the Syrian government forces as well as units of the patriotic opposition in border areas.

Means of the objective monitoring data registered more than 100 artillery shots against bordering inhabited areas in the Aleppo province.

Ankara has launched an aggressive information campaign in the leading world media agencies against Russia in order to prevent the loss of control over the northern and northwestern parts of Syria. There the Turkish leadership has been absolute landlords for the last years.

Since yesterday, the Russian Defence Ministry has received lots of accusations from the Turkish leadership, their allies and controlled branches of famous organizations.

Yesterday, during his visit to Ukraine, the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu even came to the point of speaking about alleged strike performed by Russia from the Caspian Sea with the BALLISTIC MISILLE against a hospital in the Idlib province.

It is to be stressed that the Caspian Flotilla has no warship capable of performing such launches of ballistic missiles.

Moreover, in the course of the previous day, the number of messages of the Western media concerning allegedly engaged non-military objects and victims of the Russian aviation in Syria was growing as a snowball. From one hospital in Idlib in the morning to 5 hospitals and even several schools by the end of the day.

Not only in Idlib, but in Azaz (Aleppo province) too.

To achieve significant public response, all the engaged hospitals were reported as being “supported” by representatives of the “Doctors Without Borders” organization.

Then, to achieve the maximum likeness with the incident of destruction of a hospital in Kunduz (Afghanistan) by the American aviation, right on cue, the word “supported” was forgotten.

By the evening live television broadcasts, the bombed objects transformed in “hospitals of “Doctors Without Borders”.

First of all, it is to be claimed that only Turkish authorities new about the fact that there had been hospitals of the “Doctors Without Borders” organization in Idlib and Azaz by the previous day. There is no information concerning these establishments anywhere including the website of the “Doctors Without Borders”.

Moreover, messages concerning the allegedly destroyed hospitals and schools in Azaz dated February 10 can be simply found on the website.

In other words, this fabrication had been prepared but not realized the day before the meeting of the heads of foreign ministries of Russia and the USA in Munich, the results of which, as the Russian Defence Ministry assumes, are so opposed by Turkey.

In the message dated February 15 concerning the allegedly destroyed hospital in Idlib, there is no photo or video of this building: neither undamaged nor destroyed. By the way, “Doctors Without Borders” document their activities very thoroughly with photos and videos in all countries.

It is to be emphasized one more time: neither Syria, nor Idlib or Aleppo; it was the Turkish city of Gaziantep near the border with Syria.

By the way, that was the city where, by a strange coincidence, the largest training camps had been organized under the aegis of the Turkish secret services for militants arriving into the country from other countries including CIS who were then sent to Syria to fight within terrorist groupings.

If anybody in the Turkish Republic thinks that the Russian party does not guess that, they should not indulge in illusions.

Both messages concerning the allegedly destroyed hospitals and schools in Azaz dated February 10 and Idlib dated February 15 have the same origin – “Gaziantep. Turkey”.

The information concerning the place where these fabrications had been made has been published, apparently due to negligence of authors or editors of the website.

In conclusion, it is to be reminded one more time, that the Russian Armed Forces jointly with the partners have deployed a multi-level reconnaissance system which provides acquisition of true information 24 hours a day concerning the activities of terrorists on the territory of Syria and some of the country’s neighbours.

All the strikes on the terrorists’ objects are carried out only after multiple check of the received data and coordination of actions to exclude risks for civilians.

Directorate of Media service and Information
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