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27.02.2016 (12:45)

Russian Defence Ministry held briefing on peacemaking process in Syria

Today starting from 00:00, according to the agreements achieved by the Russian and American parties as co-members of the International support group of Syria, the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces has stopped airstrikes in the “green zone”, i.e. in the areas and on those armed formations which have sent ceasefire applications to the Russian party.

The relevant orders have been made by the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation immediately after the statement of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief made upon the results of the negotiations with the President of the USA.

On February 23, the Syrian party claimed about its consent to stop combat actions according to the Russian-American agreement.

Seventeen armed formations which addressed to the Command of the Hmeymim airbase and signed application documents are also bound to respect the ceasefire.

Among them, first of all, detachments of the Syrian democratic army under the leadership of Al-Ghanim, detachments “Iskanderon”, “Soureigm” and “Chelobiya”, armed formation “Desert Falcons” as well as  a number of others, which continue fighting the ISIS. Some of them are acting jointly with the regular Syrian army, others are conducting their activities in their own directions.

To ensure purposeful work in this field, the Coordination centre for reconciliation of opposing sides has started its work at the Hmeymim airbase. Its chief is Lieutenant General Sergei Kuralenko.

Another such centre is being formed by the colleagues from the USA in Amman.

In order to maintain the intergovernmental contacts in the military field and interservice cooperation, the Russian Defence Ministry has deployed a special working group in Moscow.

Representatives of the Russian Defence Ministry are also working within the Russian delegation in Geneva.

To establish interaction between the centres at Hmeymim and in Amman, between Moscow and Washington as well as with Geneva, “hot lines” have been organized.

All the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses have been sent to the American party on February 24.

Especially for information exchange with the American colleagues, there has been elaborated an operational map of Syria which has been passed to the American party in the course of the bilateral consultations in Amman on February 26, as well as through the military diplomatic channels. The map contains marked areas which designate places where the peacemaking work is conducted, as well as the zones with the Syrian government troops and Kurdish territories; there are also marked the territories controlled by the ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other armed formations.

Representatives of the United States have been sent a list of the armed formations with total strength of 6,111 people, which have joined the ceasefire regime as well as a list of 74 inhabited areas and zones with exact coordinates which must not be affected by strikes.

In the course of consultations, the Russian party has received an analogous map prepared by the American party.

The list of armed formations, according to the American delegation, has been sent to the Russian party through the diplomatic channels.

At the present time, the obtained information is compared with the Russian data.

Taking into consideration the resolution of the UN Security Council which supports the Russian-American agreements on ceasefire as well as in order to exclude the possible mistakes during the strikes, today, on February 27, the Russian combat aviation including the long-range aviation is not performing flights over the territory of Syria.

Yesterday, the American party was sent suggestions with standard conditions and procedures necessary to maintain the regime of the cessation of hostilities.

They contain mechanisms for monitoring of the observation of the ceasefire by both the government troops and formations of the armed opposition.

In particular, in case of ceasefire violation, the party which has suffered bombing or attacks immediately informs the Russian and American military representatives.

After the information is confirmed, the Coordination centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria (from the Russian party) or the working group on information exchange (from the American party) jointly or independently take measures aimed to stop the ceasefire violation and to de-escalate the tension as soon as possible.

The document suggested by the Russian party also contains procedures for information exchange and adjudication of disputes on accusations of violation of the ceasefire.

At the present time, all the efforts of the Russian party are focused on delivery of humanitarian cargoes to the population of the affected areas and settlements, the administration of which concluded ceasefire agreements.

Since December 2015, 29 air sorties of IL-76 air transports have delivered 102 platforms of humanitarian cargo (food, medicine and fuel) with total weight of 534 tons.

Since February 15, 2016, 7 automobile columns with 32 vehicles in total, have delivered 106 tons of food to settlements.

The Russian party fully implements its ceasefire obligations.

However, it does not mean that the ISIS or the Jabhat al-Nusra militants can give a sign of relief. The Russian party fully controls the situation all over the territory of Syria. Meanwhile not less than 70 unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as space and other types of reconnaissance are used every day.

The fight against the illegal armed groups recognized by the UN as terrorist ones will be continued.

Chief of the Coordination centre for reconciliation of opposing sides located at the Hmeymim airbase in Syria Lieutenant General Sergei Kuralenko will report on the first results of the ceasefire in Syria.

In order to provide assistance in reconciliation of the conflicting parties in Syria, there has been created the Coordination centre for reconciliation of opposing sides at the Hmeymim airbase. The Centre is composed of 61 Russian officers.

The main missions of the Centre are: assistance in conclusion of ceasefire agreements and maintenance of the regime of the cessation of hostilities with the leaders of armed formations, monitoring of its implementation, as well as organization of humanitarian cargo deliveries to the civilian population.

The Russian Defence Ministry has established a tight interaction with the Syrian departments, which are to achieve truce.

At the moment, warfare has been stopped in 34 towns and villages. 

In Hama province: Abu Dali, Abu Umar, al-Jad Dauliyah, al-Salumia, al-Msheyrfa, Tel al-Makta, Tel Kiram, Um Tukia, Um Hzein, al-Khvein, Tel Maraque, al-Khamdania, al-Tama, al-Mafara, al-Dajaje, al-Nasyria, al-Dabaa, al-Kahira, Raas al-Ain, Beit al-Aswad, Tleisia, Zabadi, Zogba, Khazer, Abu Kabra.   

In Homs province, peacemaking agreements have been achieved with elders and field commanders, who control Javelik, Sneisel, Hbub al-Rih, Dar al-Kabir and Halamuz. The agreement has been also signed with citizens of Dar Ana (Damascus province).

In the course of the last day, agreements on ceasefire and passing under control of the government troops of three settlemetns al-Ganta (10 km to the north-west from Homs), al-Telb (4 kilometers to the north from Damascus), and Nakhtah (22 kilometers to north-west from al-Suwayda) were signed.

Since February 24, the Centre has received 169 calls and messages through telephone lines and e-mail addresses, which had been spread by the media agencies. There were:

42 messages from local authorities from different areas of Syria;

34 messages from armed group commanders or their agents;

93 phone calls and email messages from civilians, including 59 ones which contained requests for amnesty for their relatives, who were in the ranks of militants. 

The Russian party has not refused providing support to anyone.

Duty officers of the Centre have immediately answered 23 questions. 48 claims are being solved. 98 requests have been transferred to the Syrian governmental departments, 36 of which have been answered.

The peacemaking work in Syria is being conducted day and night.

Announcements about an opportunity to sign the truce agreement have been organized all over the Syrian territory.

The news ticker with contacts of the Centre is constantly broadcasted on TV channels of the Syrian mass media. The Centre is also sending messages on mobile phones and email addresses with cease fire terms and application forms. 

Officers of the Centre have held 49 negotiations with representatives of the armed formations. By the moment, the Centre is preparing for signing necessary documents with representatives of local authorities in 47 inhabited areas in the provinces of Hama, Homs, Damascus and Daraa.

Humanitarian assistance is being delivered to the regions, where the parties achieved the truce agreement. Just in the course of the last two days, 2.5 tons of food supplies have been delivered to Qattinah (Homs province) and Umataur (Latakia province), where the agreement had been achieved. 

The peacemaking process in the Syrian Arab Republic is underway.

The Russian Defence Ministry made the first step to stop the military conflict on the Syrian land. All forces, which have real influence on the conflicting parties must take maximum efforts on implementation of the ceasefire agreement. This will be the basis for establishing sustainable peace in Syria. 

Directorate of Media service and Information
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