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27.12.2016 (09:37)

Results of the search operation at the crash site of the Tu-154 aircraft near Sochi (by 9:30 MSK, Dec. 27, 2016)

During the night, inspection of the crash site of the Tu-154 aircraft has been carried out unstoppably.

Main efforts were focused in detail exploration of the seabed at the possible crash site of the aircraft.

At 5:42 MSK, the Falcon remote-controlled vehicles detected the main flight data recorder at the depth of 17 meters at the distance of 1,600 meters away from the shore.

In the nearest time, the recorder will be delivered in the Air Force Central Research and Development Institute in Lyubertsy (Moscow Region). The specialists will decode the recorder. 

Another 5 fragments of the aircraft were found at the depth of 30 meters at the distance of 1,700 meters away from the shore at nighttime. These are several parts of the hull, engines, different mechanisms, and aggregates. All fragments are delivered on the shore and passed to the investigatory bodies. 

Another body of the aircraft crash victim was detected and picked up onboard the Epron rescue vessel.

All bodies and bodily remains of the victims are delivered in Moscow by military transport aircraft to be identified by their relatives.

Therefore, 12 bodies and 156 bodily remains of the victims of the Tu-154 aircraft crash have been detected. One of the passengers has been identified by the relatives. 

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