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03.06.2017 (12:05)

Pskov paratroopers have departed for Belarus to participate in the antiterrorist exercise ‘Slavic brotherhood-2017’

A subunit of the RF AbF’s Pskov formation went to Belarus to participate in the antiterrorist exercise ‘Slavic Brotherhood-2017’.

More than 300 Russian paratroopers with organic weapons, as well as with more than 20 units of armoured vehicles (ACVs) and about 10 units of automobile vehicles went by rail to Brest. The military echelon will arrive at the destination on the morning of 5 June 2017.

At the exercises, Russian paratroopers will operate using combat kits ‘Ratnik’, and crews of combat vehicles – using protective kits ‘Kovboy’.

After unloading the military echelon, Russian paratroopers will make 20-km march on their combat vehicles to a deployed field camp.

Joint exercise ‘Slavic brotherhood-2017’ with participation of the Airborne Forces of Russia, the Special Operations Forces of Belarus and the Special Troops of Serbia will be held from 6 to 14 June 2017 at the range ‘Brestsky’.

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