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08.09.2017 (07:56)

Defenders of Friendship 2017 combined exercise: Egyptian Airborne troops to perform combat training tasks with Ratnik Russian military equipment

For the first time the Defenders of Friendship 2017 Russian-Egyptian tactical exercise is to be held in the middle of September in the Krasnodar Region.

During the two weeks, Egyptian servicemen will operate in combat coordination, landing exercises and a training operation on capturing and holding a mountain pass in Kuban using the Ratnik Russian military equipment, which boosts an Airborne serviceman effectiveness and survivability in a combat zone by several times.  

When preparing for the combined exercise, more than 50 servicemen of Egyptian Airborne troops will be taught by the Russian Airborne instructors how to use and to apply the Ratnik military equipment performing different combat tasks.  

Besides, the Russian Airborne servicemen will demonstrate to the Egyptian counterparts how the equipment elements are integrated and how they complement each other in construct and functions. They will show how to use integrated systems of defence, life-sustaining and control, and the work of sighting, surveillance, communication and target acquisition systems.

 Airborne units of Russia and Egypt will take part in the tactical exercise.

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