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29.09.2017 (05:00)

Russian International Mine Action Centre clearing up Deir ez-Zor

First of all, the Russian International Mine Action Centre are clearing roads leading to social infrastructure, hospitals, water and power sources.

Groups of engineer reconnaissance and clearing detachment are currently operating on roads, roadsides, and in buildings near Deir ez-Zor in order to ensure safe passage of humanitarian convoys sent to the city.

The Russian engineers are using the latest IMP-S2 mine detectors, INVU-3M portable non-contact explosive detectors, OKO-2 radar subsurface sounding devices.

The clearing detachment is equipped with the latest BTR-82AM APCs and Typhoon and Rys armored vehicles. The Uran-6 multi-functional mine-clearing robot are used for a remote clearing.

In total, more than 170 experts of the Russian International Mine Action Centre, 40 pieces of special and engineer hardware, 10 clearing crews have been airlifted to Syria.

In first days, the Russian field engineers inspected eight kilometers of roads, about 3 ha of territory. Moreover, some 1,000 explosives including 100 improvised ones have been unearthed and eliminated.

According to preliminary assessments, up to 1.5 thousand ha of territory is to be cleared from explosives.

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Международный противоминный центр (МПЦ) , Engineering Troops
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