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17.10.2017 (22:19)

Russian Ministry of Defence receives a regular consignment of Su-34 fighter-bombers

The Russian Aerospace Forces (ASF) received a new consignment of Su-34 fighters-bombers. The aircraft took off from the aerodrome of the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant named after V.P. Chkalov and went to their location point.

In total, the State Defence Order 2017 stipulates that 16 Su-34 aircraft are to be delivered to the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Su-34 is designed to destroy both ground and water objects of the enemy. It is capable of hitting moving targets even small-sized ones. Also, the aircraft can eliminate air targets by day and at night under any meteorological conditions.

The Su-34 uses highly effective guided air-to-surface and long-range air-to-air missiles. It is equipped with a highly intelligent system of radar countermeasures and defence.

Su-34 has a flight distance up to 4 thousand km, its maximum speed is up to 1.9 thousand km / h, the combat load is up to 8 tons. The aircraft is equipped with the latest armaments control system and air refuelling system.

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