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31.01.2018 (14:03)

National Centre for State Defence Control hosts Military Acceptance Day chaired by Russian Minister of Defence

Today, the National Centre for State Defence Control of the Russian Federation, under the leadership of the Defence Minister, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, has hosted the Military Acceptance Day for armament, and military and social infrastructure.

The results of the fourth quarter of 2017 in this area were analysed in, as well as the fulfilment of the State Defence Order 2017 in general.

According to the head of the military department, more than 3,500 samples of prospective weapons and military hardware have entered the service with the Russian Armed Forces.

These include over 110 aircraft, two warships, three Iskander-M operational and tactical complexes, nine anti-aircraft missile systems and various types of complexes, 116 Kalibr cruise missiles, and more than 400 armoured vehicles.

The troops also received engineering, automobile and signal equipment, aviation weapons and ammunition.

In general, the State Defence Order 2017 on supplying new samples of armament and military hardware has been accomplished by 98.5 %.

As reported Colonel Oleg Stepanov, Chief of the Directorate of Military Representative Offices of the Russian Defence Ministry, reported,  in the 4th quarter, new and repaired weapons and military hardware were received and delivered to the troops, including two brigade sets of the Iskander-M OTRK for Land Forces, four sets of anti-aircraft missile systems of the Land Forces, 183 pieces of armoured vehicles and hardware, 1,183 vehicles for various purposes, more than 13,000 pieces of signal equipment, and 433 electronic warfare stations.

The Russian Aerospace Forces have received 25 new and 78 repaired airplanes, 35 new and 29 repaired helicopters, 2 regiment sets of the S-400 SAM system and 24 Pantsir-S combat vehicles, 112 radar stations for various purposes, and more than 37,000 aviation weapons.

The Space Force has accomplished the Launch Programme 2017 in full. In total, the crews of the Aerospace Forces carried out five launches of carrier vehicles, and five spacecraft were set into orbit.

The Navy received the Project 11356 patrol boat Admiral Makarov, two coastal missile systems BAL and Bastion, 16 ships and support vessels, eight radar stations for various purposes, and 326 ASW missiles.

The Strategic Missile Forces continue replenishing of Yars mobile ground and silo-based systems. In total, 21 ballistic missiles, 19 autonomous launchers, 33 combat duty vehicles, seven command posts, 310 other component parts of the complexes have been delivered.

In total, there were six launches of the ballistic strategic missiles in 2017.

As a result of 2017, the level of equipping the Armed Forces with new samples of weapons and military hardware increased by 1.2% and amounted to 59.5%.

The Military Acceptance Day was attended by representatives of federal executive and legislative bodies, as well as the leadership of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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Minister of Defence , Единый день приемки военной продукции
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