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07.02.2018 (02:00)

Naval aviation to receive about 50 modernised Ka-27 helicopters

The Russian naval aviation’s possibilities in searching for and detecting submarines are to be raised to a new level due to about 50 modernised Ka-27 shipborne ASW helicopters.

These deck-based helicopters have already proven their best and shown high efficiency. At present, 20 modernised Ka-27M helicopters have already entered the Naval Aviation’s strength. It is planned that by 2020 the number of these machines will reach 30 units. Their modernisation is being carried out by Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise JSC, a part of the Russian Helicopters Holding Company of the ROSTEC State Corporation. Ka- 27M helicopters are entering into service with all the Fleets of the Russian Navy.

In accordance with the technical requirements of the Naval High Command, these helicopters have been equipped with new on-board updated avionics and a new system for searching for and defeating submarines, as well as with radio-acoustic devices to significantly increase performing the assigned tasks.

The Ka-27M helicopters have high capabilities for searching, detecting, tracking and defeating submarines and surface ships. They are also capable to search for and rescue distressed aircraft, ships and vessels, as well as to carry out transport tasks on supporting ship forces.

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