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06.05.2018 (00:26)

Experienced combat alert performed by ten MiG-31 long-range interceptors with Kinzhal hypersonic system

Ten MiG-31 long-range interceptors with Kinzhal hypersonic system are performing the experienced combat alert. This was reported by the Deputy Minister of Defence Yuri Borisov.

"And this is not a sort of exotics. In support of this, ten aircraft are holding experimental combat alert being ready to be employed depending on the situation," he said.

"This is a modern weapon: the increased-range hypersonic missile is to penetrate air and missile defence systems. It is invulnerable and has very strong combat power and potential," Yuri Borisov said.

According to him, the MiG-31 aircraft is the most suitable for accelerating the missile to the required speeds at the required altitudes.

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Aerospace Forces
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