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17.09.2018 (16:18)

Arctic units holds amphibious assault training at Chukotka coast

An Arctic grouping of the Northern Fleet operating in the Bering Sea, led by the Commander of the Kola Flotilla, Vice Admiral Oleg Golubev, a bilateral tactical amphibious exercise was conducted to at the  coast near the port of Egvekinot in

Before the start of the amphibious operation, the combat ships of the Arctic group fulfilled the tasks of suppressing the firing points of the mock enemy on the shore. The major anti-submarine ship Vice Admiral Kulakov and AK-725 large amphibious ships Kondopoga and Alexander Otrarovskiy carried out artillery firing at targets. The crew of the Ka-27 shipborne helicopter of the major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov  delivered an air strike and landed an air assault behind the enemy lines.

After the fire training,the main forces landed from the vessels Kondopoga and Alexander Ozerkovskiy. Marines on BTR-80 armored personnel carriers have practise combat tactics of amphibious assault on an unequipped shore.

Information Activities Office of the Northern region (Severomorsk)
Northern Fleet , Арктика
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