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22.11.2018 (16:39)

Engineer Troops receive modern IMR-3M obstacle-clearing vehicles

Engineer Troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have received modern IMR-3M mine-obstacle vehicles. In the framework of the contract signed in 2016, the manufacturer handed over 13 vehicles to the Russian Defence Ministry.

The IMR-3M was created on the basis of the T-90A tank and is equipped with a KMT-R3 track width mine plough with an EMT electromagnetic detachable device for trawling mines with rod-type and non-contact magnetic fuses. The vehicle is capable of lifting loads up to 2 tons.

The IMR-3M is armed with the 12.7mm remote-controlled machine-gun mount. It can fire at ground, low-speed air targets, as well as explosive objects openly lying on the ground.

The IMR-3M is also designed to make passes in moderately rugged terrain, in stone and forest rubble and in snow. It can remove minefields or perform work in contaminated area. The vehicle is equipped with radiation, chemical reconnaissance and contamination control and has a high level of protection against radiation and toxic substances. IMR-3M is capable of forcing water barriers up to 5 m deep along the bottom.

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