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07.02.2019 (20:30)

The Russian Defence Ministry informs the US party on strict compliance with the INF Treaty requirements

«The Russian Defence Ministry is aware of the contents of the US Department of State’s note on suspending participation of the American side in the INF Treaty and the start of withdrawal from it». The Russian defence department categorically denies unfounded statements that Russia allegedly violated its obligations under the Treaty.

The US statements do not correspond to reality.

Despite that the Russian Defence Ministry is fully open to substantive dialogue concerning fulfillment of obligations by the sides under the INF Treaty, the American side has failed to provide any evidence to support the stated position.

At the same time, the USA has not taken necessary measures to eliminate their violation of the obligations under the Treaty.

It is to be stressed that it is not the first year as the United States have been violating requirements of the INF Treaty. In fact, they created conditions for missile production which is prohibited by the Treaty.

Therefore, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation suggests that the American side should take all necessary measures before termination of the Treaty to return to strict compliance with the Treaty by eliminating:

Mk-41 ground-based vertical launching systems designed for firing the Tomahawk cruise missiles;

target-missiles that has similar characteristics to ground-based intermediate-range ballistic missiles;

attack unmanned aerial vehicles which fall with their characteristics under the definition of the term “ground-based cruise missile” provided for in the Treaty.

The military attaché of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow is invited to the Russian Defence Ministry to be presented with the note.»

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