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08.02.2019 (10:19)

Sea tanker Kama, Northern Fleet, arrives in Murmansk from a distant cruise

The sea tanker Kama, Northern Fleet, having successfully fulfilled missions in the far ocean zone, arrived at the home station in Murmansk.

The crew was welcomed by Chief of Staff of CSS, Northern Fleet, Major General Alexey Kiyashko. He received a report from the ship’s captain on condition of the equipment and health of the crew, congratulated the sailors on the arrival and successful fulfilment of all the tasks and presented the traditional gift - the roasted pig.

In four months of the cruise the tanker ship Kama sailed through the Indian, Atlantic oceans, Mediterranean, Arabian and Red seas, as well as in the Guld of Aden.

The ship has sailed over 15,000 nautical miles providing the major ASW ship Severomorsk with fuel, water and food supplies. The ship Severomorsk undergoes maintenance at the shipyard in Sevastopol.

Information Activities Office of the Northern region (Severomorsk)
Ships , Northern Fleet
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