Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation : More in detail

15.09.2019 (23:59)

Joint US-Canadian mission to make an observation flight over the Russian Federation on September 16-21 as part of the Treaty on Open Skies

American OC-135B observation aircraft starting at the Kubinka airfield.

During the flight along the agreed route, Russian specialists on board the observation aircraft will monitor the strict observance of the agreed flight parameters and application of the monitoring equipment stipulated by the contract.

The OC-135B observation aircraft is a type of airplane which is not designed to use any weapons. The aircraft and observation equipment installed on it (aerial cameras) underwent an international certification, in which Russian specialists took part, which precludes the use of technical means not covered by the treaty.

Управление Минобороны России по контролю за выполнением договоров (Национальный центр по уменьшению ядерной опасности)
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