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27.04.2020 (05:00)

The Mayor of the city of Pontoglio in the province of Brescia met Russian specialists who arrived to disinfect a boarding house for the elderly

Alexandro Segrezio, Mayor of the city of Pontoglio in the province of Brescia, met Russian specialists who arrived to disinfect the pension for the elderly. He thanked the Russian military personnel, noting the importance of the events. "Thank you for coming to us and providing such important assistance. People from other cities said that the Russian say little but do much," said Alexander Segrezio.

The Mayor of the commune of Palazzolo-supl'Oglie, Gabrielle Zanni, met Russian military specialists and told them about the importance of the assistance provided and that it will not be forgotten:

"Your help means a lot to us, and in general, this organization gathers people from OUR city, the elderly and weak, and your professional help is very important, we appreciate it and thank you endlessly.

For me, this is primarily a sign of solidarity between our countries. We didn't expect this kind of help from you, but we are very grateful for it, and we hope that we can return the favor. Let only the situation will not be as difficult as we have, but a more pleasant occasion."

Don Paolo Salvadore priest of the commune of Palazzolo-supl'Oglie and President of the home for the elderly Don F. Cremona at the meeting of Russian military personnel said: "Without a doubt, we are glad to see you. As you know, we started having difficulties with our staff a few weeks ago, in other words, we are short of staff, and your help is a sign of international solidarity. You know, I've been to Russia, and yes, it's far away. But this distance between countries becomes shorter because you have a heart."

Giuseppe Mondini, chief executive of Don F. Cremona at the meeting stated the importance of the assistance provided,- "Yes, we were waiting for you, because we needed your help. I must also say that this virus, which has infected all of Europe and in particular Lombardy, has erased all differences between all nations and people. It showed that all nations and all people are the same. And your help is very, very important to us."

In addition, Russian military specialists, with members of the  Italian Armed Forces NBC protection unit, disinfected the interior and adjacent roads of 3 more medical institutions in the province of Brescia.

Disinfection was carried out in homes for the elderly in the cities of Pontoglio, Palazzolo supl'Oglie and Cologna in the province of Brescia.

In total, Russian military doctors, epidemiologists and specialists of the NBC protection troops of the Russian Defence Ministry, together with the Italian military, carried out a complete disinfection of boarding houses for the elderly in more than 80 localities in Lombardy. 88 buildings and structures, more than 680 thousand square meters of internal premises and more than 135 thousand square meters of paved roads were processed.

Crews of mobile aerosol disinfection systems and auto-filling stations are involved in anti-epidemic measures on a daily basis.

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