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30.04.2020 (05:00)

The Deputy chief of the NBC protection troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Major-General Sergey Kikot held a working meeting with corps General of Italian Armed Forces Giuseppenicola Tota

Major General Sergey Kikot, Deputy chief of the NBC protection troops of Russian Armed Forces, held a working meeting with corps General Giuseppenicola Tota, commander of the Land Forces operational support forces (Italy).

The meeting was held in a hospital in Gussago (Lombardy), where Russian and Italian soldiers disinfected the interior and surrounding areas.

The commander of the operational forces of the Italian Land Forces noted the importance of joint work of Russian and Italian military personnel providing assistance to the people of Italy. "This is fraternal help and a huge experience for us. We will never forget this. I want to say - thank you Russia, thank you Russian brothers," said Giuseppenicola Tota.

In addition, Russian military specialists, together with the military personnel of the Italian Armed Forces NBC protection unit, disinfected the interior and adjacent roads of 4 more medical institutions in the province of Brescia (Lombardy). Disinfection was carried out in homes for the elderly in the cities of Sale-Marazina, Marina, Gussago and Rodengo-Saiano.

In total, Russian military doctors-epidemiologists and specialists of the Russian Defence Ministry NBC protection troops, together with the Italian military, carried out a complete disinfection of boarding houses for the elderly in more than 90 localities in Lombardy. 98 buildings and structures, more than 850 thousand square meters of internal premises and more than 220 thousand square meters of paved roads were processed.

Crews of mobile aerosol disinfection systems and auto-filling stations are involved in anti-epidemic measures on a daily basis.

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