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30.04.2020 (14:48)

Seven Northern Fleet minesweepers conducted a tactical exercise in the Barents Sea

Seven naval and base minesweepers of the Kola Fleet of diverse forces of the Northern Fleet worked out the tasks of a tactical exercise in the Barents Sea.

The minesweeper's forces were divided in to three groups. The first group of naval minesweepers "Machinist" and "Vladimir Gumanenko" worked out mine action support for the release of the conditional underwater cruiser to operational space, carried out training on NBC protection and worked out reflection of the air raid of the mock enemy.

Two other groups, consisting of the base minesweepers "Elnya," Kolomna", "Yadrin" as well as "Kotelnich" and "Solovetskiy Junga," carried out training tasks on search of mines and clearing of fairways in the zone of intensive navigation and provision of mine-barrier actions of large landing ships "Alexander Otrakovsky" and "Condopoga."

During the joint actions as part of the minesweeping groups, the crews of the minesweepers worked out maneuvering in the search for and clearing of mines, conducted a signals exercise.

Minesweepers exercises at sea will last for a few more days.

Information Activities Office of the Northern region (Severomorsk)
Northern Fleet , Ships , Combat training
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