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15.09.2020 (23:02)

Baltic fleet sailors evacuated a crew member of a foreign civilian ship in the Gulf of Finland who needed urgent medical care

On September 15, the operational services of the Leningrad naval base of the Baltic fleet received information from the duty captain – coordinator of the sea rescue center of St. Petersburg that one of the crew members on board the cargo ship "EEMSBORG" (Netherlands) urgently needed to be evacuated to a medical facility. A member of the ship's crew was seriously injured while performing ship's work and needed urgent hospitalization.

The operational headquarters for resolving the crisis situation of the Leningrad naval base organized a rescue operation as soon as possible, during which the "Raptor" high-speed patrol boat was sent to the ship with specialists from the base's emergency rescue team.

Despite the difficult weather conditions, the soldiers of the Baltic fleet removed the wounded foreign citizen from the cargo ship and took him to Kronstadt, where they handed him over to the ambulance team.

Baltic Fleet
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