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29.09.2020 (17:23)

Russian snipers in Tajikistan have practiced shooting skills at maximum ranges

Military personnel of the rifle company of snipers of the 201st military base stationed in Tajikistan performed exercises of shooting with Dragunov sniper rifles (SVD) at maximum ranges.

At the Lyaur training ground, snipers improved their skills as part of sniper pairs, conducting surveillance of the battlefield, and timely detection and destruction of targets located at a distance of up to 1300 meters from the shooter. In addition, the military personnel in the group conducted search operations in the designated area in order to detect mock militants and transfer the coordinates of their location to the command post. They met the standards for covert movement, equipment and taking up firing positions, and retreating to the assembly point after completing the task.

Snipers worked out exercises both during the day and at night, including using special thermal imaging sights 1PN-140.

The 201st Russian military base stationed in Tajikistan is the Russia's largest military formation outside its borders. It is located in two cities – Dushanbe and Bokhtar. According to the agreement dated October 2012, the base shall station in Tajikistan until 2042.

Central Military District , Снайперы
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