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16.10.2020 (14:15)

Russian and Belarusian peacekeepers eliminated the consequences of the "explosion" of an ammonia tank at the "Unbreakable brotherhood-2020" exercise

At the final stage of the exercise of the CSTO peacekeeping forces "Unbreakable brotherhood-2020", which was held at the Losvido training ground in the Vitebsk region, the peacekeepers of Russia and Belarus worked out the elimination of the consequences of the explosion of an ammonia tanker.

According to the plan of the exercise, an unmanned aerial vehicle of the Republic of Belarus during aerial reconnaissance detected the explosion of a tanker truck with a "Chemical hazard" sign. Russian NBC protection units conducted a survey using special vehicles and found damage to the tank in which ammonia was transported. Foci of contamination were promptly eliminated in cooperation with the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus. To prevent further spread of the chemical active substance, a special water curtain was placed on the windy side.

CSTO Secretary General Stanislav Zas, Minister of Defence of the Republic of Belarus Major-General Viktor Khrenin and chief of the CSTO joint staff Colonel–General Anatoly Sidorov are monitoring the course of practical actions of the final stage of the command and staff exercise with the CSTO peacekeeping forces "Unbreakable brotherhood-2020". Official delegations of CSTO member states, international organizations, and military attaches also participate in the event.

Also, during the exercise, the tasks of conducting a peacekeeping operation are fulfilled: escorting car convoys, patrolling the area and countering improvised explosive devices. Perform blocking and inspection of the locality in the area of responsibility. In cooperation with the police and rescue units, they work out tasks to assist in the restoration of peaceful life.

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