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16.01.2021 (12:20)

Crews of MiG-31BM fighter-interceptors of the Northern Fleet took up combat duty in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago

The crews of MiG-31BM fighter-interceptors of the separate mixed aviation regiment of the Northern Fleet took up combat duty to protect the State Border of the Russian Federation in the airspace of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago.

The solemn ritual of taking up combat duty was held at the Rogachevo airfield.

Carrying out an combat duty of MiG-31BM fighter-interceptors on the Novaya Zemlya Archipelago will significantly expand the scope of application of the Northern Fleet's fighter aircraft in the Arctic and significantly increase the zone of controlled airspace over the waters of the Northern Sea Route.

In 2020, MiG-31BM interceptors already performed a number of training tasks from the Rogachevo airfield on Novaya Zemlya.

Information Activities Office of the Northern region (Severomorsk)
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