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11.03.2021 (01:00)

Pilots of long-range aviation conducted command flights on Tu-160 and Tu-95ms aircraft

At the Engels airfield in the Saratov region, on the basis of a long-range aviation formation, commander flights were conducted on the Tu-160 and Tu-95ms strategic missile carriers.

         The command staff of the aviation units, the regiment and the division participated in the flights. The crews worked out takeoffs and landings, refueling in the air, flying in formation and at low altitudes during the day and at night.

         The purpose of the flights was to develop a methodology for training young flight personnel to perform various training elements and tasks for their intended purpose.

         In total, more than 10 long-range aviation crews were involved in the flights. The event was held under the leadership of the commander of the guard unit, Major General Oleg Pchela.

Command flights are traditionally held several times a year and are aimed at improving the efficiency of organizing and ensuring flight safety, as well as performing flight tasks.

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