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30.04.2021 (10:00)

Military police of the Southern Military District overcame the most difficult route at the competition Guardian of Order in North Ossetia

Military police officers of the Southern Military District (SMD) overcame a 10-kilometer route at the district stage of the field training competition Guardian of Order, which takes place on the basis of the training center of the military police of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Shalkhi training ground in North Ossetia.

During the week, the servicemen held competitions of patrol squads in throwing grenades for accuracy of hitting, races with shooting from small arms, practiced first aid, elements of extreme driving of a patrol car.

The most difficult stage of the competition was the team race Military-Police Throw, where the servicemen demonstrated endurance and physical strength at a 10-kilometer distance equipped with various obstacles. Junior Sergeant Ruslan Musayev, Sergeant Viktor Ivanov, Junior Sergeant Yuri Kovalenko, Junior Sergeant Ivan Shevchenko and Lieutenant Maxim Litovka showed the best results in the team competition.

Also, the military police fulfilled the standards for NBC protection, evacuation of the conditionally wounded from the battlefield, exercises of control shooting from the Kalashnikov AK-74 and Makarov pistol (PM).

According to the results of the competition, the best military police districts will be determined, which will represent the military police of the Southern Military District at the all-army stage of the competition in Moscow.

Press Service of the Southern Military District
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