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13.05.2021 (11:00)

Joint statement by Joint Coordination Committees of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic on the problems of the repatriation of the Syrian refugees and IDPs

Russian and Syrian Joint Coordination Committees conduct purposeful work to assist free and safe repatriation of Syrian citizens and rebuilding peaceful life, in republic. As of today, 2 249 050 of Syrian citizens have returned to the places of their choses residents thanks to these joint efforts.

The return of Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons to their homes remains a national priority for the Syrian leadership. To enhance the process, the Syrian government is making every effort to restore the country's critical infrastructure and employment creation for returning Syrians. However, in the context of the illegal economic blockade and violation of the sovereignty of Syria by the United States and its allies occupying the country's territories, the capabilities of the Syrian authorities are severely limited.

The current economic situation in Syria is also of concern to representatives of international humanitarian organizations, who have repeatedly called for easing the sanctions policy against the country's population, which makes it difficult for ordinary Syrians to access food and medicine, including for the fight with the coronavirus.

Nevertheless, despite the statements of the American side about its commitment to universally recognized humanitarian values, all calls to reduce the cruel sanctions have so far been cynically ignored. In Syria, the United States is only interested in plundering the national wealth of a sovereign Syrian state.

Against this background, the United States opposes the repatriation of Syrian citizens and the post-war reconstruction of the country. On the US-controlled Internet resources, materials are posted, the authors of which inculcate a false opinion about the life of the population in the Syrian Arab Republic.

According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, it is in the neighboring countries of Syria that the living conditions of Syrian refugees are sharply deteriorating. The highest number of migrant’s requests for help is related to the lack of food, drinking water, construction materials, housing and medicines. Even according to the biased international organization "Human Rights Watch", in Lebanon, the death rate of refugees from coronavirus infection is three times higher than that of local citizens.

The destructive approach of the United States to the settlement of the situation in Syria is also evidenced by the situation in the Al-Khol refugee camp under its control. The camp continues to have a high crime rate, a lack of food, poor water quality, poor medical care, and the presence of several thousand street children whose parents have died or are missing.

Due to the serious security problems in the camp, most humanitarian organizations are unable to carry out their activities. Despite the ongoing operation to identify terrorist cells and their accomplices, the killings in Al-Khol continue. At the same time, during this operation, several social infrastructure facilities failed, which further complicated the situation in the camp.

These factors lead to an increase in social and inter-ethnic tensions among the inhabitants of "El-Khol" and contribute to their further radicalization. All this demonstrates how the United States solves geopolitical problems that have nothing to do with restoring peaceful life in Syria and the Middle East region as a whole.

We demand that the United States stop exerting a destabilizing influence on the social and economic situation in the Syrian Arab Republic and immediately return all illegally occupied territories of Syria to the control of the Government of the Republic, as well as lift illegitimate sanctions.

Head of the Russian Joint Coordination Committee on Repatriation of Syrian Refugees - Head of National Center for the State Defense Control of the Russian Federation

M. Mizintsev

Head of the Syrian Joint Coordination Committee on Repatriation of Syrian Refugees - Minister of Local Administration and Environment of the Syrian Arab Republic


Национальный центр управления обороной Российской Федерации
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