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21.07.2021 (08:00)

Vietnamese Navy ships will take part in the celebration of the Navy Day in Vladivostok

Two missile frigates of the Navy of the Republic of Vietnam will take part in the celebration of the Navy Day in Vladivostok.

The warships Chang Heung Dao and Quang Chung will take guest places of honor in the parade formation of the ships of the Pacific Fleet, which is formed in the Golden Horn Bay.

16 sets of raid equipment have been installed in the Golden Horn Bay to ensure the mooring of ships. A total of 7 warships will be involved in the celebrations.

Preparations for the celebration of the Navy Day are taking place with strict compliance with a set of measures to counter the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection, aimed at preserving the life and health of military personnel, civilian personnel and their family members. Preventive measures are regularly carried out on warships and berthing areas to prevent the introduction and spread of infectious diseases, including the organization of entrance control with body thermometry, daily disinfection and sanitary treatment of all premises, objects and territories.

100 percent of the personnel of the crews of ships and vessels were vaccinated in advance with two components of the drug Gam-Covid-Vac. All participants of the festive events are under the close supervision of military doctors.

The parade of ships of the Pacific Fleet in Vladivostok in honor of the Russian Navy Day will be held on July 25.

Information Activities Office of the Primorye region (Vladivostok)
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