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19.08.2021 (17:00)

Russian artillerymen participating in Gunsmith Master competition in Iran complete complex relay

Russian servicemen, who arrived in Iran to participate in Gunsmith Master competition of the International Army Games 2021, conducted another training session, during which they worked through the complex relay race.

Before the start of the training, the team was given stickers for vehicles with the flag of the Russian Federation.  After applying them to the cars, the servicemen proceeded to pass the relay.

The relay includes all stages of the competition, except for driving, it is: disassembly and assembly of the D-30 howitzer, the ZU-23 anti-aircraft gun, the Grad multiple launch rocket system, the PKM machine gun, the AK-74M assault rifle and the CZ-75 pistol.  This year, at the fourth stage of the competition, the Iranian side excluded the RPG-7V from the relay.

The Russian team participating in the competition held two training sessions, during which the gunners fulfilled many different standards and worked for about two hours of driving on special equipment.

For reference:

Gunsmith Master International Competition is being held at the training ground of the Military School of Air Defence and Artillery, located on the territory of Shahinshehrcity, Islamic Republic of Iran, from August 23 to September 4, within the framework of the International Army Games 2021.  Teams of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and the hosts of the competition, Iran, take part in the competition.

This year the competition will be held for the first time in the Islamic Republic of Iran, before that it was held at the Konstantinovka training ground in Penza region.

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