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19.08.2021 (18:10)

Participants of Airborne Platoon train to hit targets and study tracks for combat vehicles

In the Ryazan region, at the Dubrovichi training ground, participants in Airborne Platoon international stage of the field training competition among the airborne units are trained in hitting targets from AK-74M assault rifles, RPG-7D grenade launchers.  The shooting was carried out on stationary and emerging targets at various distances.

In addition, drivers study tracks and check the running capabilities of BMD-2 airborne assault vehicles.  They practice starting from the initial line, overcoming high-speed sections and various obstacles.

Gunners hit targets from a 7.62-mm machine gun at a distance of 700 to 900 m.  And also, using a 30-mm automatic cannon, they fire at targets of a mock enemy at distances from 1.3 thousand to 1.5 thousand meters.

Airborne Platoon competition will be held as part of the International Army Games from August 22 to September 2.  It will take place at the Dubrovichi training ground of the Tula Airborne Formation.  In total, about 400 military personnel from 18 countries are expected to participate in the international stage of the competition as part of national army teams.

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