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13.10.2021 (10:45)

Anti-submarine sabotage defense exercise was held on ships of the Black Sea Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea

The crews of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet, performing tasks as part of the permanent formation of the Navy in the Mediterranean Sea, conducted an anti-submarine sabotage defense exercise while parked in an unprotected roadstead.

According to the plan of the exercise, a group of underwater saboteurs of the imaginary enemy, using special means of transportation, carried out reconnaissance in the area of anchorage of ships, followed by laying an explosive device on the hull of one of the ships.

The crews of the Black Sea Fleet ships, using the stations to monitor the underwater situation and the special equipment of the anti-sabotage boat "Grachonok", found underwater saboteurs and prevented them from conducting underwater reconnaissance.

As a result of the exercise by a group of combat divers, the underwater saboteurs were neutralized and brought aboard one of the Russian ships.

Also, as part of the exercise, the sailors performed practical firing at a target simulating a floating explosive device and carried out preventive grenade throwing from hand-held grenade launchers, and the personnel of the anti-submarine sabotage squad using underwater surveillance equipment carried out an underwater inspection of ships for damage and insertion of explosive devices.

Press Service of the Southern Military District
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