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14.10.2021 (15:45)

Russian Su-25 crews relocate from Kyrgyzstan to Tajikistan to participate in Interaction 2021 exercise

Unit of Su-25 attack aircraft of the Russian joint military base Kant, located in Kyrgyzstan, relocated to Tajikistan to participate in a joint exercise of the Collective Rapid Reaction Force (CRRF) of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Interaction 2021.

Four Su-25 attack aircraft took off from a permanent airfield and landed at the Gissar airfield near Dushanbe. During the active phase of Interaction2021 CSTO CRRF joint exercise, attack aircraft crews will practice the search for and destruction of objects of mock enemy. They will provide fire support from the air to motorized rifle and tank units during the performance of combat training missions in mountainous desert terrain.

Earlier, the commander of the Central Military District (CMD), Colonel-General Alexander Lapin said that in October, on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan, near the border with Afghanistan, three joint exercises will be held with the military contingents of the CSTO member states: Interaction, Search and Echelon.

For reference:

The joint Russian military base Kant is part of the Collective Rapid Deployment Forces and is involved in ensuring the security of the airspace of the CSTO states. It is armed with Su-25 attack aircraft and Mi-8 helicopters.

Press Service of the Central Military District
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