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14.10.2021 (16:30)

As part of Slavic Shield 2021 exercise, a joint Russian-Serbian air defence group took up combat duty

As part of a joint exercise at the Batainitsa airbase, a joint Russian-Serbian mixed air defence group was formed. Subdivisions of the joint group took up combat duty for the air defence of Belgrade, Batajnica airbase and the central industrial region of Serbia.

The joint exercise is attended by units equipped with the Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile and gun system of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Air Force and Air Defence Forces of Serbia, as well as a Serbian anti-aircraft missile unit equipped with Neva-M1T complexes.

The main goal of the exercise is the creation and use of a joint air defence grouping to cover designated targets from terrorist threats from the air, as well as increasing the level of coherence of command and control bodies, involved parties and personnel training in the joint performance of tasks.

During combat duty, the joint air defence group will conduct the practical actions of crews to repel massive air strikes of an air enemy in a difficult jamming environment.

During the exercise, the issues of interaction and joint combat use of air defense units of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation and the air force of the Republic of Serbia were worked out.

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