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14.01.2022 (16:30)

Tankers in the Moscow regionof the Kantemirov division destroyed the defensive positions of the mock enemy with a tank strike

In the Moscow region, at the Golovenki training ground, servicemen of the motorized rifle regiment of the Kantemirov tank division of the guards tank red banner army of the Western Military District conducted live firing from T-80BV tanks as part of a tactical and special exercise.

Tankers fired from smooth bore 125 mm guns at the positions of the mock enemy in conditions of poor visibility and heavy snowfall. At a distance of 1200 to 2000 meters, targets appeared in front of the crews, imitating the armored vehicles of a mock enemy, located in caponiers, trenches and other fortifications, simulating defensive positions.

In total, more than 150 military personnel and more than 60 units of weapons and military equipment of the Kantemirovsky tank division of the WMD were involved in the tactical-special exercise.

Press Service of the Western Military District
Tanks , Western Military District , Combat training
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