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The 1st Central Research Institute of the Russian Defence Ministry – branch of the Military Educational-and-Research Centre Naval Academy named after «Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union N.G. Kuznetsov»

The 1st Central Research Institute (CRI) of the Russian Defence Ministry is the successor to the Research Institute of military shipbuilding (RIMSh), which was established in accordance with the order of the Chief of Naval Forces of the Red Army of September 3, 1932. The Institute was formed on the basis of the Experimental basin and the Shipbuilding section of the Scientific-and-Technical Committee of the Navy.

At present, the objects of studies of the 1st CRI of the RF DM are submarines and surface ships, their weapons systems, power generation, ship automatic control systems, as well as conditions of habitability of personnel. Its function is to support research and development works carried out by organizations and industrial enterprises according to the State defence order, scientific support of using ships, their armament and military equipment.

For its great services in the area of shipbuilding, creation of weapons and military equipment the Institute of the Soviet times was awarded two Orders of Lenin, Order of Red Banner, Order of the October Revolution and the Red Combat Banner.

Many years of research experience, solution of theoretical and practical problems arising in design, construction and operation of ships, as well as of creation of highly effective weapons for them, allowed forming a unique collective of highly skilled scientists. At present the Institute employs five Honoured Scientists of Russia, 28 winners of the State and Government prizes, 50 Doctors and 170 Candidates of Sciences, 31 Professors. There are dissertation councils, scientific schools.

The experimental bases of the Institute are modern computing techniques, information base, experimental and research facilities of habitability of ships and medical support of the naval personnel.


Phone number+7 (812) 232 79 46 (sec.)
Address30 Chapayeva Str., 190013 St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

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